UPS hits the gas on greener delivery truck fleet

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    UPS hits the gas on greener delivery truck fleet - Reuters

    Starting next year, there will be a lot more “green” in those brown UPS delivery trucks.

    United Parcel Service Inc on Wednesday announced plans to buy more than 6,000 natural gas-powered trucks over three years and step up purchases of renewable natural gas (RNG) as part of a new $450 million investment to reduce the environmental impact of its 123,000-vehicle fleet.

    The latest move from the world’s largest package delivery firm comes as utility companies, investors and others seek to expand the use of RNG - which is derived from decomposing organic matter such as cow manure on dairy farms, discarded food in landfills and human waste in water treatment plants - to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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    Bring back manual transmissions!! First picks go to the most elite package drivers!