UPS: How Well Can Brown Deliver For Investors?

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    UPS: How Well Can Brown Deliver For Investors? - Seeking Alpha

    The company is supporting the Fix the Debt organization whose goal is to have a bipartisan debt reduction plan drafted when Congress returns in January. Solutions need to be made to reduce the deficit and eliminate the threat of the fiscal cliff to put the U.S. in better shape for sustained economic growth. This will be good for the economy and for UPS.

    UPS has a strategy of investing to grow. It is working on completing its acquisition of TNT Express, which the company expects to complete early next year. Upon completion, this acquisition will expand UPS's presence in Europe, China, South America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. TNT operates road and air transportation networks in these regions. As of the end of 2011, TNT operated 30,000 road vehicles, 46 aircraft, and over 2,300 depots in 200 countries.
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    Lets remember, UPS not born yesterday. They know how to make money, This was the best thing they could have done.....