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  1. Casca

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    What do you think UPS will look like in the next 5 to 10 years ?.....What will the next contract look like ?....These are 2 keys questions and considerations all of us......
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Health care and updated language on discipline based upon technology will be the hot topics for 2013.
  3. cosmictrucker

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    If the lack of focus on service continues, UPS will dissolve into 3rd or 4th class package delivery company. Jim Casey would not be happy with the current direction of this company.

    I agree with Upstate about the contract language and Health care. 2013 is not something I'm looking forward to.
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    We're getting a new contract in Canada by August. It looks like the East got everything they wanted and the West got the shaft. We did get a big pension increase (56 to 76 or around there) but that's about it. We top out at $27 something (I think) but are hosed with the wording on how our hours are supposed to be (again, it's 'unfair over time' you can file on and no cemented number on what unfair is). Oh, also another $75 for eye glasses... The worst part is, it's going to be 5 years!!! I really wish the east would grow a pair and stop playing like a bunch of suits and act more like a bunch of ticked off blue collars that they're supposed to be representing.
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    I see strike in 2013,if the world doesnt end in 2012.telematics will be a big issue and the dicipline that comes along with it.who knows what will be going on as far as healthcare goes,the changes in health care reform will make it really tricky.article 22.3 jobs will be a big deal too and i have no idea what will end up happening to us.Make no mistake ups smells blood in the water, if we concede to much in this next contract i seriously think the teamsters could be on their way out the door.we need a strong contract in 2013 and if ups wont give in on certain things,as much as i hate to say it ,strike is coming.
  6. Just Numbers

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    Last time there was a strike Fedex Ground did not can figure out the rest as your looking for a new job!
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    Healthcare will be reduced or scaled back to co-pays or higher deductables. Also an erosion of wages, with more steps to full pay. If the current economy is still in play(and I believe it will be) we will have little power in negotiations. As for the future of UPS, the poor treatment of hourly and lower level management will bear fruit. All managers on early out plans will leave operations to number crunching monkeys and service will slide. Continued use of technology to manage drivers will cause a reduction in performance. IMO
  8. I will not vote for anything less than what we have now. Physically more work = more money. The part-timers need a realistic raise. However I wouldn't go for strike as things are right now. As a full time driver I have good pay, good benefits, not the best working hours. :(
  9. Richard Harrow

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    A strike will only hurt both sides. We need UPS as much as UPS needs us. That's the bottom line.
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    A strike would be disastrous. With the way everyone is being worked right now I do not think we should settle for less than we have, but we shouldn't get greedy either we would definitely not get any sympathy from the public if we went on strike.
  11. 2years2go

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    There will be a strike. The Company will eventually concede to union demands. FDX keep growing as it's economic advantage over UPS will allow them to dominate the domestic small package industry. Service will be the same for both carriers but UPS rates will be 10-20% higher. UPS will begin to generate the majority of it's income overseas. It will be forced to allow it's domestic ground network to continue to shrink. More management and facility consolidations. There will be no need to hire drivers. Retirements will shrink driver levels as volume erodes. The goose that lays the golden egg will slowly be strangled to death.
  12. 22.34life

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    this is exactly the type of fear ups wants in peoples mind,fedex will take all the work,you wont have a job to come back to,b.s..
  13. 22.34life

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    greedy is not the word i would use,more like just break even.with the way things have been going you think ups is coming to the table with what we have now,if you do your is gonna use the economy excuse till the cows come home ups is still making plenty of profit just not growing at a the same rate they were.they are gonna come to the table with their guns loaded and offer 50 cent raises split every six months they will want better language for terminating people,elimenation of article 22.3 jobs and who knows what dont get me wrong a strike is the last thing i want but my point is this how much ground do you give before you draw the line,how much scare tactics can you endure,or economy excuses.
  14. whiskey

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    In 2013 we, the hourlies, will vote for a new three year contract at a buck a buck a buck. But some of the language we will agree upon will be pretty nasty stuff.
  15. Just Numbers

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    Hey pal, When I first started with Ups I would always see an REA driver sitting in his truck, legs up on the steering wheel and reading a newspaper at my last pickup stop. I asked him one day about it and he said it was too early to head back. I often wondered what he thought when there was no place to head out to in the morning. Never say never and while your at it google REA!
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  17. whiskey

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    Poor management, strikes, and competition led to heavy losses. REA Express filed for bankruptcy in 1975.
  18. Just Numbers

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    And what company, do you suppose...was there main private competition?
  19. Richard Harrow

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    There was no "main" company that was their competition. Government regulations all but killed the railroads in the 1970's. Remember Penn Central? A merger of two of the most successful railroads the country had ever seen? Can't miss, right? Freight rates were so strictly regulated by the government back then that even these two giants failed and had to be absorbed into Conrail in 1976. Penn Central, along with the REA could not adapt to the changing market conditions as a result of regulations. Poor management and strikes as a cause are also viable claims to the demise of the REA.

    If anything you can argue that Fed Ex was REA's main competition, as they began operating their own airline in 1973, two years before the REA claimed bankruptcy in '75; and in 1975 is when Fed Ex began turning it's first profit. UPS was all but last to the scene, as our "blue label" air product wasn't even available to every U.S. state until 1978, and we didn't begin our full-scale next day operations until many years after that.
  20. ja4079

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    Retirement is looking better all the time, at the end of this contract I will have 33 yrs and I will be gone.