UPS Is Still Delivering for Investors

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    UPS Is Still Delivering for Investors - Blogging Stocks

    2011 Outlook: I view UPS as a long-term play, but if you're looking to sell UPS within the year, it's probably best to take your profits after it rises to $76 or $77, if it fails to rise above $78.

    Stock Analysis: I consider United Parcel Service to be a moderate-risk stock. If an investor has already purchased the company's shares, I'd hold them. If not, I'd consider buying a 25% position in UPS now, then buy another 25% in one month, if U.S. and global economic conditions don't worsen substantially. Under any circumstance, I wouldn't buy more than 75% of my UPS position before January 2011, and I'd put a sell/stop loss at $48.