UPS: It's Time To Go Shopping

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    UPS: It's Time To Go Shopping - Seeking Alpha

    UPS is currently caught in the undertow of FedEx’s lowered global outlook. But it emerged from the recession stronger and leaner. The company’s cash position increased from $3.25 billion in the second quarter of 2010 to $5.64 billion at the end of the second quarter this year.

    I think UPS is in a much stronger position than FedEx. In the near term, there may be some softening. That’s why I’d rather buy in now while UPS is near its 52-week low. UPS is projecting revenue growth between six and eight percent over the next five years and expects free cash flow to top 100 percent of net income in 2012. Over the long term, there’s great upside, and it pays a 3.3-percent dividend to boot.
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    I agree, I've buying it with payroll and also my personal accounts, I beleive we will come out on top. Plus an okay dividend, that also helps.
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    I have increased my purchases of stock.

    I purchase what I know and what I like.

    I work for UPS and the world needs to move product over land by rail or truck, over sea and in the air.
    I am covered...

    How else would my other stocks get to market....TEVA, TJX and TGT?