UPS lauds its safest female driver

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    UPS lauds its safest female driver - Atlanta Business Chronicle

    United Parcel Service Inc. tractor trailer driver Virginia “Ginny” Odom on Monday celebrated 35 years with the package shipper and 3.5 million miles of driving for the company without getting into an accident.

    Odom is now tops among female UPS drivers worldwide.

    The 59-year-old resident of Winter Park, Fla., began her career with Atlanta-based UPS (NYSE: UPS) in 1973. She stepped from behind the parts counter of a boating business and slipped behind the wheel of one of UPS’ boxy brown delivery trucks, known as package cars. She delivered packages for her first nine years before switching to the big rigs.
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    Great accomplishment!

    (Yikes! 1973! Time to retire!!!!)
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    Same year I started and I am not ready to retire either.
    Going to be doing something ... might as well get paid well for it.
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    Awesome accomplishment!!
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    Way to go Ginny!!!... and Hoax. May as well go after Martys record. We need more UPSers not to retire. (more of the pie available for me :peaceful:)
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    Only 64 short years til 2073! Go for it Hoaxter!