UPS laying off 60 airline mechanics

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    UPS laying off 60 airline mechanics - Business First

    UPS Airlines, a subsidiary of United Parcel Service Inc., will lay off 60 airline mechanics nationwide in an attempt to reduce costs in response to the economic slowdown.

    The mechanics make an average salary of $89,400, Mangeot said.

    Officials with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters will determine which employees are laid off, Mangeot said. The mechanics are represented locally by Teamsters Local 2727.
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    They aren't going to do as much flying? I wonder how many pilots are getting laid off then. Let me help you all with the answer .......


    UPAXED New Member

    And how many overtime hours are going to be worked to keep those planes in the air?

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    And the fortunate few will keep their jobs. UPS is being hit by the economy just like every other company. Union workers are not immune to what workers in other industries face like some think. Reality is that UPS is a for-profit company and does what it takes to make money. If that means laying people off then just like every other company out there doing it right now they are following suit.
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    Pilots earn revenue for the company and people who earn revenue are most valued.
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    I just guessing that emmasdad is an over paid arrogant pilot. look mister most mechanics also hold college degree's. we also have the power to "properly fix an airplane" ie; ground it so you can't earn revenue. with out mechanics you would be out on the street.

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    The fortunate.....the fortunate? So I take it that you are the fortunate. You ARE fortunate that you are not one of the 60 mechanics. UPS cancels 33 flights and all the air crews are fortunate and all the management is fortunate but only the mechanics are unfortunate. Just so happens we are the only ones in contract negotiations.

    "UPS is a for-profit company and does what it takes to make money". When gas was $3.68 in the fall, UPS does nothing, says nothing. Now, after peak of course, and gas is $1.50 the company is jumping through its sfinkter to be a FOR-PROFIT COMPANY.

    I know guys like you, as long it doesn't effect you, you can justify it. Let's see how SDF will operate without overtime. IT CAN"T. IT WILL GET FIXED OR IT WILL EFFECT EMMAS DADDY.
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    Let me tell you how it works AVIATION GOD. You guys RTR at my gateway because one of your magic little lights don't illuminate and you stare at it blankly because you have no idea what makes that light twinkle. I go up and fix you grounding "NO GO" situation in about 20 minutes and send you to your next destination. You tell me. WHO "earned revenue"?

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    Emmasdad, knowing as many pilots as I do, tell me which marriage is emma from? 1st, 2nd, or 3rd?
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    When gas was $3.68/gallon there was more volume and premium product being shipped than there is now with $1.50/gallon fuel.

    Routes are cut, big companies closing down stores, high credit card debt out there, and overall low consumer confidence. Less spending = less shipping = less jobs. Been talking about it for years, and now the storm is here.
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    The only thing about NO OVERTIME is they will force as many as they need. The mechs need a "no forced overtime" in their contract. Then you may have a little and I mean little leverage. The no overtime should have started the day they announced the layoffs. Lots of greedy people in the world.
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    I think what gets lost is the fact that all divisions and employees play an important roll. It all comes down to teamwork. If the planes arent maintained , the planes dont fly. If we dont have pilots the planes dont fly. If we dont have freight, the planes dont fly.. Lets not be nasty to each other. If the economy is downsizing then so will we... It really stinks b ut it is a fact. We all need pull together to make sure we all do our parts. Work diligently, make extra sales calls, etc.....
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    Wouldn't it be safer to lay off pilots than to lay off mechanics?
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    This is obviously an old post that I'm responding to but thought that I'd add that the mechanic lay-off went far beyond 60. Closer to 120. Were there any supervisors laid off? NO. Were there any Managers laid off? Not a one. It should be told that UPS believes the mechanic's supervisors and managers will fix the airplanes should the mechanics go on strike. Apparently UPS doesn't realize half their supervisors and managers went into these jobs because they couldn't fix the airplanes to begin with.

    One more thing. Did you know that during this recession FedEx didn't lay off one mechanic? They chose to bring back home overseas contract maintenance in order to keep their employees employed. What a concept eh? UPS is currently trying to send more maintenance work overseas. How do you think the public will respond to that once the word gets out? I believe many will stop shipping UPS and return to the USPS.
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    It's amazing all the negativity that many of you show. I never said I was a pilot or mechanic. You all assumed wrong. I will repeat what I said before, those that make the company revenue, like it or not are the most valuable--to the company. Every job is important though in my opinion.

    And for you meatheads that shot off your mouth without giving me a chance, I worked part time in the load, sort, irregs, air dock, Saturday Air driver, double shifting during peak, and worked as a driver on two different routes at a major hub. I've done the truck packed so full routine during christmas that the doors wouldn't shut. I've delivered on my route during peak in 20 below zero weather for 2 weeks solid and I've spent 15 yrs with this company so I have ever right to say what i want to. I've earned it.
  16. Dragon

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    When will we lay off - I mean really lay off drivers - not let them bump to inside but actually put them in the street. We would see attitudes change real quick.
  17. TechGrrl

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    When I was a young supervisor, my first manager taught me that the only people who make money for UPS are the pickup drivers, and the rest of us try to spend as little as possible....just saying...

    The actual fact of the matter is, the whole network is a chain, and ALL the links are necessary. The pilots, the mechanics, and the guy with the orange wands...not to mention the poor schmuck unloading the bellies...

    Just like an aircraft carrier: the flyboys get the glamor, but nothing happens without the 'black gang' down in the belly of the beast, that never sees the light of day.
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    ...such a shame a manager with so much common sense retired
  19. TechGrrl

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    He was entitled: 40 years! One of those fresh out of high school kids...I learned a lot from him...I was blessed having mostly good managers in my entire career. Only one blob, and another that was just weak. All the rest were top notch, high integrity, competent, and great partners.