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    I heard from a co-worker that were able to buy life insurance and the cost can get taken out of our paycheck. He said it's very inexpensive compared to finding coverage on your own. Also, he said you can only enroll in November each year. I didnt get the name or who to call to set this up cuz he never texted me back. Does anyone know anything about this?
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    Nothing like that in the west except the 10k payout to your beneficiary that comes with your union dues. May vary by local?
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    Have you actually tried to get it on your own?

    If I wanted advice on how to clean a vape smoker or bong, I’d go to my coworkers. When it comes to a policy that you’ll be paying for, for 15-30 years, I’ll do a little more research on my own.
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    As a part timer we had access to pretty cheap short term disability and life insurance. I think it was offered by the company, rather than the union. I didn't realize it went away when I went full time until about a year later.
  6. It is a good value but unfortunately it is too expensive to keep after you retire, you don't get the group rates anymore

    But it is a good secondary policy to have, especially if you are young with kids, mortage payment and a non working spouce

    Just like everything else you do need to price shop.

    And many employees do not realize that we already have life insurance through the concomp at no cost

    1040 X hourly rate for part timers

    2080 X hourly rate for full timers