UPS makes $750K grant to National Council of La Raza

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    UPS makes $750K grant to National Council of La Raza - Atlanta Business Chronicle

    United Parcel Service Inc. gave $750,000 to Hispanic civil rights group National Council of La Raza (NCLR) to help that organization develop programs and services for Latino communities.

    “This grant is a natural extension of UPS’ commitment to serving the communities where our employees live and work,” said Ken Sternad, president of The UPS Foundation, in a news release. “We have seen over the years NCLR’s shared commitment to those communities, and we are delighted to help ensure that their important work continues.”
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    I can't believe that UPS is giving money to this group. Bad news.
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    Same here. Bill O'Reilly made some comment about UPS giving money to questionable organizations. When will they donate to the National right to life, NRA, or other organizations on the other side. I tried to get the "UPS Foundation" to donate money to a local park for kids who cannot run, or play like the others. I submitted the info to our district office. I followed up, and no one got the information. So much for UPS's commitment in my city.
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    Probably could not figure out where - Location: between the Sun and the Moon is.
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    Now you know why!!!
    We were all worried that UPS had gone off of the deep end, giving to this racist org.
    Turns out they were just buying off another judge! Business as usual...what a relief!
    UPSers should expect some favorable rulings from the Supreme Court!