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  1. DS

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    Every year I get people that are moving out west.(or vice versa)They seem to take everything they own that wont fit in the ryder truck they rented,put it in 15 huge boxes,and send it ups.Its usually the 3rd floor with no elevator.They just throw stuff in and have no idea how to pack a box.By the time they get where thier going theres shampoo covered
    soundgarden cd`s falling out the corners of the boxes.
    I doubt if ups does well at the auctions for all the claims,
    and it sure is embarassing delivering some of the crap
    I have to deliver.I carry a roll of tape to make the saveable
    ones look somewhat acceptable.How do you guys feel about this?Its the worst part of the job for me.
  2. 71chevy

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    Yep, its the same when the kids come home from college. They ship all their junk back home and when the boxes get to your truck, they have lost their cube shape and have taken on more of a large water ballon type feel.
  3. GuyinBrown

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    Bah... Just turn off the truck a couple doors down, coast to a stop, sneak up to the front door with the undesirable package, set it down softly and run like hell! It helps if FedEx or DHL has already left them something. That way you can put it on top of your box and it will look like THEY delivered BOTH! :thumbup1:

    Most people can't tell the difference between the labels... :wink:
  4. satellitedriver

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    I go thru about two rolls of shipping tape a month. I try to make the pkgs look somewhat undamaged when I deliver. The main cause of damage,in my case, is preload. Everything is just thrown into my trailer without regard to weight. They seem to save the over 70's till the last and just crush everything under them.
  5. RozUPS

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    I'm on preload unloading the trailers and it's amazing how many boxes are open before I even touch them. #40 + boxes on top of the wall and light boxes with not much in them crushed at the bottom. Contents all over the place. Some are just totally destroyed. All I think is this beat to s%#t re taped box is going to be delivered to someone and I'd be :censored2: if it showed up at my door.
  6. dillweed

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    We have people from Mexico who ship all their stuff UPS. Boxes of clothing falling apart and who knows what else lurks in there.

    Damages and busted open boxes are a nightmare. I'm on the sort aisle and we're always littered with tape-ups to be done. The unload pulls many off plus preloaders tape what we miss. Three groups of workers taping and the drivers still get some. Our tape guns stink and there have been times there was no tape. :laugh:
  7. scratch

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    I have had a couple of times where I delivered boxes when people are moving and they were all busted up. They get mad at us, because they paid a UPS Store to pack it. I will have boxes of broken glass, plates, and other fragile stuff with hardly any packing material around it. Once I had some 0/S 3 boxes that had houseplants in them! They cost more to ship than what the plants were worth.:bored:
  8. Sammie

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    Can you loan that roll of tape to the guy in this video?

    He might need it when he's done,

    if he has any energy left.... :bored:

    Gary, the UPS driver with passion
  9. steelheader69

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    I remember, at least in our district, where household moves weren't allowed. If we saw what appeared to be a move on a one shot, we were to deny picking it up (unless it was packed at a packaging store). I hate seeing them now. I have always had a tapegun in my package car. I use it quite a bit actually. Hate seeing a demolished package. If I can't fix it up, it'll come back with me. But now with the UPS stores around, I'm seeing ALOT more of these household moves. Funny story that goes with it. Not sure about the rest, but my UPS store charges $5 a box for any "hold for pickup" packages for people who aren't box holders. There was a person who almost refused to buy a box ($30 for a year). She had 80 boxes dropped off by me (over a 4 day period). Hmmmmm, $30 for a year to be a boxholder or pay $400 to pickup all her boxes. She actually had to THINK about doing it. LOL.
  10. DS

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    It makes a LOT of sense to refuse to pick up theses pkgs.
    We've been told at pcm`s that if we dont think the pkg will
    survive the system,to refuse to pick it up, but most drivers
    are so overworked that it makes more sense to just take the pkg instead of argue with the customer.