UPS Offers Bonuses Of Up To $125 Per Week To Hires In Columbus, Toledo

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    • Bonuses offered to package handlers and tractor-trailer drivers
    • Company looking to hire nearly 1,900 people in Ohio facilities

    UPS® (NYSE: UPS) announced that it is offering weekly bonuses of up to $125 for package handlers and $500 for tractor-trailer drivers hired at three facilities in Ohio.

    Employees eligible for the bonuses include package handlers in Columbus, Obetz and Toledo, and tractor-trailer drivers across the state. Both new hires, and current employees hired after January 1st, 2017, are eligible.

    UPS is looking to fill nearly 1,900 current part-time and full-time openings in three facilities in the Columbus and Toledo areas, including nearly 500 at its facility at 5101 Trabue Road in Columbus, over 400 at 2450 Rathmell Road in Obetz, and nearly 1,000 at 1550 Holland Road in Toledo. And the company will be staffing up soon for the busy holiday shipping season – it added around 100,000 seasonal hires last year across the country.

    The bonuses are either $500, $125, $100 or $75 per week, depending on employees’ job, location and the shift they work. The bonuses are in addition to employees’ regular salary and are paid weekly; eligible employees must work each scheduled day in a given week to receive that week’s bonus.

    “We’re looking for hundreds of Ohio residents to join our team,” said Renee Roberts, UPS HR director. “Permanent UPS jobs – including part-time jobs -- come with excellent pay and benefits, including healthcare and retirement benefits. And at most of our locations, part-time employees in college are eligible to receive up to $25,000 in tuition assistance through our Earn and Learn program.”

    UPS has used what it calls market rate adjustments to help with staffing its operations since 2013. It is offering the bonuses in areas where the unemployment rate is low and the job market is competitive. The company says the extra cash has been successful in helping it both attract and retain employees.

    Interested applicants can learn more about UPS job opportunities, and easily apply for these jobs, by visiting Applicants must apply online.

    UPS employs 434,000 people globally, including over 8,900 in Ohio.
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    Looks like UPS is beginning to pay for it's attitude towards employees.

    Delta Airlines once was the King of Customer Service but once it started treating it's employees like crap, it slide towards the bottom. Now it's back towards the top after doing some recovery work with it's employees.

    Maybe UPS will recover at some point too.