UPS Offers Consumers Incentives To Make Holiday Shipping Easier And More Convenient


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  • Consumer rewards program launched for deliveries to UPS Access Point® locations
  • Eligible shipments earn consumers rewards valued at up to $20
Holiday parties. Shopping. Hiding elves. UPS (NYSE: UPS) understands that the most wonderful time of the year may also be your busiest.

For that reason, the company is dangling a carrot – no, not the one on a snowman’s nose, more like rewards valued at up to $20 – to encourage U.S. consumers to try alternate delivery sites. Known as UPS Access Point® locations, they include nearly 9,000 pick-up locations, including The UPS Store® locations and local businesses across the U.S. – such as neighborhood delis, dry cleaners and flower shops. Shoppers can pick up deliveries when convenient to their schedules for no additional fee.

To participate, consumers must be enrolled in UPS My Choice®, a free service enabling more than 52 million current members worldwide to manage their deliveries. To begin earning rewards, members should log in and select the most convenient UPS Access Point location as their preferred alternate delivery location.

“UPS understands consumers need choice, control and convenience in the delivery process more than ever,” said Kevin Warren, UPS’s chief marketing officer. “With the UPS Access Point network, they get that, plus the peace of mind of not having to worry about missed deliveries, package security or hiding that must-have present until the big day.”

Until January 11, 2019, members with eligible package deliveries will be rewarded with up to $10 that can redeemed for a Target eGiftCard™ and up to three free months of UPS My Choice Premium service, which offers upgraded delivery options.

This promotion comes as consumers increase the use of alternate delivery locations worldwide, according to the global UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper™ study. At least 30 percent of those surveyed reported utilizing these locations, with extended hours cited as a benefit.

In this promotion, rewards are offered for the first, third and fifth eligible packages delivered to a UPS Access Point location via a customer’s UPS My Choice preference. The first earns one free month of UPS My Choice Premium membership. On the third package, members will earn a $5 reward. The fifth package receives an additional $5 reward, plus two additional months of UPS My Choice Premium membership. (The three months of membership are valued at $10.)

In January of 2019, an e-mail with instructions to redeem rewards will be distributed to the member’s e-mail address on file with UPS. The reward will be available on the UPS My Choice Deals site, which was launched this year to provide consumers with deals and offers. The cash reward will be in the member’s account and must be redeemed for a Target eGiftCard that can be redeemed electronically or in the store. The UPS My Choice Premium membership will be distributed as a redeemable code. Existing members of UPS My Choice Premium will be credited for one or three additional months. Finally, the reward will expire six weeks after receipt of the redemption e-mail.

More information and the terms and conditions can be found at