UPS Offers Web-Print Service

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    UPS Offers Web-Print Service - Wall Street Journal

    After decades of wrestling for dominance in the U.S. shipping industry, United Parcel Service Inc. and FedEx Corp. are squaring off on another front: the growing world of online printing.

    UPS is rolling out marketing Monday to highlight a push into Web-based printing, in which clients can send documents such as business presentations to UPS retail stores via the Internet to have printed copies made. FedEx already offers online printing at its FedEx Office/Kinko's locations.

    The new UPS service allows clients to digitally design and upload large documents such as sales presentations or real-estate fliers without having to visit a store first. The documents can be stored in a Web-based "personal filing cabinet" and repeatedly modified before being printed at one or more stores of the customer's choosing. The customer can pick up the documents or have them shipped elsewhere locally.