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    Did anyone catch this? A few days ago they were in Tennessee showing a loader loading. My parents watched it and was in awe of how fast the packages flow. I was wondering if anyone got a clip of this somewhere so I can see how true to life it really is.
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    That was a very well done video. One of the first times I felt no bias, when shippers were compared side by side.
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    Thanks for that! wish they showed more UPS in there. It's always so hard to explain to people what a hub really looks like and how fast it moves.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    The belt at FDX was moving sooooooooooooo slow, its a wonder they don't fall asleep.
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    And my pkgs are in better shape from Fed-X than what UPS is. Hummmm maybe that could be part of the reason for our damages. JMO
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    She said "write fragile on the outside." That's just a challenge!:wink2:
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    I've told customers that the word "FRAGILE" on a package is only read by two people....the sender and the receiver.LOL
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    I always try my best to make sure that fragiles go ontop or something, but when they either weigh more than 30 pounds or are perfect cornerstones...

    And c'mon people, no one can really see the word fragile written on a peice of cardboard, especially if your in a heavy flowin trailer (flowin 1400 sound about right?)