UPS orders 27 Boeing freighters worth $3.8 billion


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UPS orders 27 Boeing freighters worth $3.8 billion - Reuters

United Parcel Service Inc. said on Monday it ordered 27 Boeing 767-300ER freighter aircraft, worth about $3.8 billion at list prices.


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.....not bad for a company that would like everyone to believe they are hanging on by a thread.
I wonder if the MIP fiasco occurred so the company could pay cash for those planes?
Anyone want to bet that in July '08 the hourly slobs will hear about how the company doesn't have any money?


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So are they dumping their order for the Airbus A380?
According to the article, the UPS spokesperson stated that the Boeing order wasn't related to the Airbus problem. Fedex canceled their order. It also stated that the Boeing purchase was a normal budget item to replace old and wornout aircraft. We are still flying DC8s like the one that caught on fire in Philadelphia last year. The last one of those was built in 1972. Those planes are so old passenger airlines don't use them anymore.:wheelchai
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And the sups still get pissed if I work over 9.5...Anyway...We will still use the DC-8 'till it's had it's time-just like the old package car ever center has. The DC-8 flight crews are something else-have to have guts to fly those old machines. It's more of a "hands on" plane compared to the '75 (757) and the 'bus (Airbus) that we own. IMHO UPS is buying the machines to cover their A## when the A380 deal falls through.
It's good to see them go to Boeing. I think UPS should work with Boeing to come up with a cargo version of the 7E7 Dreamliner.
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where not hourly slobs with out packagedrivers your so called worn out planes with ac heat and some form of powe steering must be terrible.thecompany makes mega money also has mega bills to any air captians that read this put on some browns jump in a 500 or 700 drive arond for a week then try o call the TEAMSTERS WHO GIVE YOU A PLACE TO FLY TO then call us hourly slobs.