UPS plans $3.8 million expansion in Louisville

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    UPS plans $3.8 million expansion in Louisville - Louisville Business First

    Atlanta-based United Parcel Service Inc. is considering expanding its Supply Chain Solutions campus in Louisville.

    Earlier today in Frankfort, the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority, or KEDFA, gave preliminary approval for $1.35 million in tax incentives for the company. The incentives were given based on the company's plan to invest $3.8 million and create 135 jobs at Supply Chain Solutions.

    Supply Chain Solutions is UPS's warehousing and distribution arm, which allows customers to lease space for warehousing, cold storage and other services at UPS facilities. The company has more than 10 buildings on Outer Loop where it offers these services.
  2. If they can afford to do bs like this then why can't they afford to give us back pay or a decent pay rate I'm leaving UPS I have an interview with a different warehouse in the morning that wants to hire me they asked me if why I was not satisfied with UPS and I was honest I told them that I'm barely getting hours and I'm working way harder than I feel like my checks reflect I haven't seen a $200+ check since 2018
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    UPS gets what they pay for. That's why their service has gone to :censored2:.
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    You should probably take that new job Sally
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    Just remember this job is a marathon not a Sprint. It sucks to get there but the benefits are worth it. Where else can you get healthcare for essentially $65 a month including spouse and kids. You might not think that way now but get a couple kids and a wife and you will see.