UPS Plans Mobile Villages to Add Peak Shipping Capacity

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    UPS Plans Mobile Villages to Add Peak Shipping Capacity - Bloomberg

    United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS), working to prevent a repeat of 2013’s holiday crunch, plans to open 14 temporary shipping facilities it calls “mobile distribution center villages” to help expedite deliveries.

    The groups of modular structures -- similar to portable school buildings, pieced together in parking lots with dozens of bays that UPS trucks back up to -- are part of $500 million in capital spending being expedited for the seasonal holiday peak. The temporary villages will let UPS operate for longer hours and give drivers convenient access to sorting and pickup facilities, Mark Wallace, vice president of engineering, said yesterday.

    “All of these facilities and expansions, this is unprecedented work,” Wallace told reporters at UPS’s headquarters in Atlanta. “We really haven’t gone to these extremes.”