UPS Pledges Enhanced Education And Skills Training At White House Event


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Pledges to provide opportunities for 50,000 employees

UPS® (NYSE: UPS), a global logistics provider, pledged at a White House event today, to provide enhanced workforce opportunities to 50,000 UPS employees, including access to higher education, apprenticeships, up-skilling and retraining.

“UPS believes professional development is a shared responsibility, with the company ensuring employees are given educational opportunities to prepare for the future,” said David Abney, Chairman and CEO of UPS. “We are proud to stand today with the President and other companies in pledging to make available enhanced training and education programs to our employees. Our aim is to help them prepare for rewarding positions that meet both their short-term goals and opportunities for life-long careers.”

UPS programs available to its employees include, among others, registered apprenticeships; “Earn and Learn” programs for higher education as well as several community college partnerships; leadership classes and UPS’s next generation driver training program, UPS Integrad®.