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Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by 17004, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. 17004

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    do any other terminals drive junk trucks like we do here at indy? you would think ups would have a little more pride putting there name on the side of these junk boxes !
  2. Freight Shaker

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    You have to work in Indy, Too know about the bag of bolts 17004... is an embarssment to the trucking industry. UPS should send it to the scrap yard.:anxious:
  3. local804

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    Show us some pictures of these so called junk trucks. If it a safety issue, you know and I know under federal regulations you Do Not have to pull it if it does not meet the requirements.
  4. Buckethead

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    I know what he's talking about, but they are system wide. We have a bunch of them here in the west. Even the MC trucks which were superior to the O trucks are starting to show the signs of shade tree wizardry. Never would you see trailer tape on the body or interior of one of these trucks, and if there was any body damage reported, it was taken straight to the body shop (which was in house at my terminal) and taken care of. We hardly had a truck in the yard that was more than 6 years old, or had a million miles on them. The trucks I've driven at the O barns are sub par to say the least. Lucky for me I have enough seniority to have a new truck assigned to me. But I know it's just a matter of time before the ravenous mechanics (for lack of a better word) will get their mangy paws on it and it will be just like the rest.
  5. local804

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    I understand what you are saving buckethead, but if the tractor/trailer does not meet safety standard, it should not be allowed on the road. UPS does not pay you to do a 15 minute pretrip for the hell of it.
    1. find a legit problem.
    2. call the dispatch and tell them your taking it to the shop(tell, dont ask)
    3. put the problem on the mechanic.
    4. If "you" are not satisfied with the safety end of the truck, you Do Not have to pull it by law. It does not get any clearer than that. You pull a defective truck out, its your ass , end of discussion.
    5, Any other problems or if thier is a safety issue you can not get resolved, pm me I will get you a phone number.
  6. At our parcel hub we have several '95 tractors most the rest are older than 6 years and almost all have well over a million miles with about a dozen over 1.5 million. Had one that had 1.7 million it finally disappeared after it broke down every other day. But then there are other locations where they have lots of new equipment, must depend on the management personal.
  7. 17004

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    i agree with you gear jammer, our management really sucks. i dont know how long ups will put up with the embarrasment.

  8. That's a nice speech starter you have there, but UPGF along with UPS and still they do nothing. I have email pictures , copy of work orders and nothing happen, business as usuasl.
  9. local804

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    Equiptment and Inspection
    Part 392.5392.7

    No motor vehicle shall be driven unless the DRIVER has satisfied himself that parts and accessories are in good working order.

    Ps it aint a speech, its the mf law
    Pick up a phone, write a letter, grow a set.
  10. Buckethead

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    We don't get paid 15 minutes to pretrip anymore, UPS took care of that. At MC it was paid. If I hook to a trailer now I get paid 6 minutes. Get paid 18 minutes to find your trlrs, hook them and pretrip.

    I do write up truck if they are not satisfactory, but the only problem is, is that you'll eventually run out and UPS is too cheap to rent unless it is absolutely necessary. Meaning delaying the schedule and not paying the driver for his time.

    For being a big company they sure like to take away at the employee level. I'd take the little company they purchased over this one if I had the choice to go back. What's happening here is truly ridiculous.
  11. bobs barricade tester

    bobs barricade tester Ups freight

    It sounds like the norm at most terminals, the mechanics have brokedown in there shop truck and have had it towed back to the shop many times, I mean seriousily how can the shop not keep there truck running?
  12. 17004

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    my o my we recieved three new tractors, thing are starting to look up!
  13. gregmilam

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    Dude, tractor 23142. No power steering. Hole in the floorboard so you can look down at the road under your feet. Shaking headlights, doors, and mirrors. And the smell of a decomposed panda. I love that truck.
  14. bobs barricade tester

    bobs barricade tester Ups freight

    At first I thought they were not gonna rebrand the old internationals, but I saw one at the hub the other day a 6100 international 900,000 on the odo.

    What are they thinking?
  15. feeder53

    feeder53 ADKtrails

    It is everyones responsibility to see the trucks are safe and sound. There are the laws that protect us drivers from unsafe vehicles.
    The company must also look at the bottom line when it comes to fleet replacement and its costs. We would all like to drive a brand new vehicle, but this is real world.......and the UPS stocks have been put out to the public and that too has a bearing on where the monies are spent. The shareholder has a say and he never drives the truck.......Is this right?.......Not our call. Believe me I feel for someone on the bottom of the list who has the last truck dispatched, but I have been there and had to drive it if it "Meets Standards" until I gained enough seniority to get a better unit. Hang in there.
  16. helloitsme

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    About fifteen years ago things were much different at "O". They would fix the trucks right. This all went by the wayside and all the shops are these days is a glorified Jiffy Lube. The Overnite of old was a great place to work and a family oriented company. It's all over now. I actually feel sorry for UPS that they bought this mess. I really feel sorry for former M/C employees who really took a screwing. This is exactly why the Freight Agreement needs to be accepted by every Terminal or Local. It will only get worse before it gets better.