UPS Purchases $18.3 Million in Property in Massachusetts

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    UPS Purchases $18.3 Million in Property in Massachusetts - Transport Topics

    United Parcel Service has purchased properties in Shrewsbury, Mass., and Grafton, Mass., for $18.3 million as it considers whether to build a $200 million distribution facility in the area.

    The Atlanta-based package delivery company bought the properties, covering about 226 acres of undeveloped land, from three different entities, according to Nov. 15 filings in the Worcester County Registry of Deeds.

    UPS was cautious in its remarks about the purchase.

    “The Shrewsbury and Grafton area is one of the locations UPS is considering to further optimize our ground network across the Northeast,” the company said in an emailed statement. “The property acquisition is one of many initial steps in the feasibility and planning process for the proposed project.”
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    Yup, they made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Wasn't using that land anyhow...
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    Must’ve bought it with the interest they are getting on our back pay
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    What did they do with the excess left over?
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    Hookers and blow, of course. What are you, new??

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    Is that on 140 or on rte 20 headed towards 9 ??