UPS raises prices before holiday season

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    UPS raises prices before holiday season - WMC5

    The United Parcel Service prepares for busy holiday shipping demands by raising its prices.

    According to The Wall Street Journal, “United Parcel Service Inc. is counting on a big boost in shipping capacity to avoid logjams in its network during the peak holiday shipping season, and the delivery giant is raising prices to help offset those investments.”

    The company is also bumping up prices on domestic deliveries and putting additional charges on over sized packages.
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    Can’t wait to see how this plays out
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    More customers will just lie about the weight of their packages. When loading trailers I notice several packages a day that weigh in excess of 80 lbs, but the label says it only weighs 1-5 lbs.
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    Each packages is scanned for size and weight in the unload and if the customer lied they get billed for it.
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    That's how it should work but since everyone is so overworked no one has time for petty stuff like that.
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    I thought last year UPS started a rate increase on certain weeks during peak. Is that still a thing?

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    We had one of those a couple of weeks ago, the billing weight of 1 pound on a drum that turned out to be 207 pounds. Two were shipped and actually one of them got delivered.

    If only the shippers knew just how much of a health risk to our that could occur in handling these overweights.:scared:
  9. When they have to pay some ltl company to pick it up from our building (with lift gate charge) to get it delivered they'll figure it out.