UPS raising ground, air shipping rates

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    UPS raising ground, air shipping rates - Reuters

    United Parcel Service Inc (UPS.N) said on Monday it would raise rates by a net 4.9 percent starting Jan. 3, 2011, about a month after FedEx Corp. (FDX.N) said it would hike rates.

    UPS, the world's largest package delivery company, said the net increase was for ground packages, all air express and U.S. origin international shipments.

    "That they're able to push across these rate increases for next year means they at least see a steady demand environment," said Kevin Sterling, a transportation analyst at BB&T Capital Markets.
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    Didn't it used to be the other way around, Fedex would raise its rates after we did? I wish we had held our rates the same a long time ago, when Fedex was first starting up. We were cash rich and they were not, it would have slowed them taking business from us.