UPS ripping me off 1$ per hour for almost 2 years now...

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  1. Sasquatch

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    Okay so I am from a small hub where 3 people do everything, literally... We unload, load, scan, bag smalls, wash trucks, check oil, etc... So I have been told to do smalls since day one, they have my scan i.d and everything set up since I was hired... And I just now found out I have been getting ripped off by them for almost two years by not entering in L10 while clocking in, nobody ever told me about it, nobody told me how to do it, I think they where doing it on purpose to save money (what a surprise.) Somehow one of my co-workers brought it up to me recently, and I instantly became angry over it. Also, I cannot type in my report time either they changed that, its automatically 17:45 on clock in, my manager goes threw our time cards every night, why its operated like this is beyond my knowledge.

    I am going to take this to the union, and file a complaint for reimbursement, but how do I go about doing it, and who do I ask for? What will be the result of such nature? Will my manager get fired? Will my hub get fined and examined? Will my boss and manager find out about it, and then have them snarl me at work everyday over it? Or will I not even be able to get reimbursed? Is there any way the union can look at my small scan history? I simply want whats mine and what I worked for and feel like I deserve my reimbursement. Talk about a backstabbing company to work for... :knockedout:
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    I'd just let it go. You're only talking about a few thousand dollars at most. UPS management is always there for us and this is one of the few companies run by honest men and women so I would just look past it and continue to do the best job possible.
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    Well "only a few thousand" is a lot for someone who struggles financially every day and takes home $140 a week. even if its a few hundred that a lot of money for food and fuel which I need. I like my manager he is a good man, that is why I asked... I don't want to get him canned over it, but at the same time... I should have been and should be getting paid $1 more per hour for doing smalls, isn't this illegal?
  4. Sasquatch

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    also if you where a package handler making $140 a week, and you found out you have been getting ripped off $15-$20 a week for two years, you are telling me, you would just let it go? hmm... I don't think you would.
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    I would grieve it myself, but the limit to go back is 60 days so prepare yourself to be :censored2: again. Report time and start time are two different things so be careful about that fight. If UPS overpaid you, do you think they would get their money back?
  6. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    I was thinking the same as Grunt. There is prob a limit as to how far you can go back for incorrect pay unless you can prove the was a dishonest act on part of mgmt.
    However, you share some responsibility in knowing what your correct rate of pay is at all times. There are more numbers to pay attention to on your paycheck other than the net take home amount.
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    Sarcastic sarcasm. Funny.
  9. menotyou

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    I went back 3 years. Because of the old codes, I got paid incorrectly. I asked regularly and was blatantly lied to, as I read the contract. Weak Union and lying managers don't help. A very nice HR lady discovered it. It wasn't just me, either. Several of us were incorrectly paid, which was one of the reasons they changed the payroll system in my division. I was the only one who held out for Double pay.

    Art. 50 and all other that apply.
  10. Bagels

    Bagels Family Leave Fridays!!!

    Is your hourly rate closer to $10/hour or $11/hour? The contract only sets a floor for unskilled/skilled pay, so if you're already banking the latter, you're not going to get any additional increases. In my facility, everybody starts off at $9.50/hour, and changing the time codes doesn't affect our pay rate.
  11. Turmlos

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    Have you taken the sort test? From what I understand, bagging/scanning smalls is not a "skilled" job. Sorting smalls is. At least this is what I have been told by both management and the union at my center.

    I have been sorting smalls for at least six years and I have never seen the extra pay. I was hired along with a few others at $8.50/hour. A month later, they hired some people at $9.50/hour. Some of us complained, so they "fixed" this discrepancy by marking us as skilled. When some of us actually began doing skilled work, we never received the extra pay since we were already getting it according to the system.

    I guess if I really mess things up, I can blame the fact that I'm not certified to do the job. I have never taken the sort test. I'm not even sure if our management knows what it is.
  12. Bagels

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    I doubt many, if ANY, facilities with PAL labels or NextGen Small Sort offer a sort test still.
  13. Turmlos

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    Why not? PALs are not used on our Local Sort.
  14. Bagels

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    The tests may still exist for sorters / splitters in transit hubs or local sort, but for Preload and NextGen Small Sort, I doubt they exist since the labels tell you exactly where the package goes. PAL = Preload Assist Label, but some operations use similiar labels. I see a lot of boxes out of places like CACH that have a sort tag that identifies where the package goes. Not sure why it's so random.
  15. cachsux

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    Outside of exception labels there are no sorters here anymore. If things go correctly no one touches the box from unload till it goes down the slide into the destination trailer.
  16. gingerkat

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    Money is money right? If you dropped $20 on the ground, you wouldn't keep walking, would you?
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I thought the sort was for outbound freight only.
  18. curiousbrain

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    I'm possibly speaking of nothing, but if you have a decent management team, ask about how you are classified in GTS - P60 (code for Skilled labor) or P59 (code for Unskilled labor). It might be a point of inquiry that will open further investigation, or it might go nowhere.

    Just talking (or typing) out loud.
  19. OptimusPrime

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    You sure? Could have sworn reading a story a few years back, hell it might have even been in the UPS magazine we get. Guy was payed incorrectly for say 15 years, and ended up with a huge chunk of change.