Ups Rips People Off

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by tazman123, Feb 28, 2008.

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    I have a big beef with UPS, first they think they deserve, a fee for clear a package through customs and they do not, as customs does not charge them nor are they out any money as they must clear the package though customs regardless, how do I know this well once I refused to pay the silly fee for the clearing of the package as I am never informed by anyone that there is going to be a fee for clearing customs, so if I never agree to such a fee why pay ? so I refused it, the driver informed me if I choose I cna go down to customs after he returns the package ot the depot and clear it myself, ok does anyone see how stupid this is, the driver is going to waste gas returning it to the depot after coming to my door, then return it to depot, I go down and in five minutes I have me package free of the extortion fee that UPS was going to charge me of 50.00 or in some cases more, all for a little trip of 5 minutes. Now for the real interesting part, when I order stuff from the US to Canada none of the merchants know of this hidden fee for clearing customs, the Government customs agents laugh as they know there is no charge to clear a package through customs and they them selves admit UPS is ripping off the consumer. UPS does not inform the merchant of the charge to the customer, and if neither the merchant or the customer is informed it is an illegal charge according to Canadian Fair Practice law and Corporate Buisness law you cannot impose a charge after closing a deal, and in the case where I order from a merchant either by phone or internet, and the shipping cost given to me of 30.00 to ship to my door, then UPS without letting me know in advance to me paying the merhcant for shipping cannot incur a charge to me after the fact. I am going to take this to court, since I have had many shippments where a merchant neither new if there was any such charge nor could they tell me, and if they do not know then why should I be the one pay a charge that is not clearly laid out nor agreed upon. I intend to let everyone know of the extortion going on by UPS and will in the future take UPS to court to further have thier buisness practices revoked, as this is clearly a issues of unfair buisness practices. UPS is insane that anyone who knows thier rights would let them clear a package that I can do myself for free, and UPS should not charge for a service they are not providing, as I paid 30.00 bucks to get the package to my door and the 30.00 was the only charge I agreed to and was informed of then after UPS comes up with an additional charge to clear this package, if there is to be more charges they should let the merchant know this to tell his customers, and I am betting the customers would not pay it and make the merchant lower thier prices for doing buisness with UPS, I know I am, as merchants can ship UPSP, United States Postal Service and then you do not get charges extra for clearing customs. and in fact it is not any slower than UPS as UPS is the slowest morons that GOD gave 2 feet to, it takes a week for them to get a package from florida to Canada, I mean I could and I say this safely walk the darn package faster, and they are using trucks, through snail mail it takes 4 days, much faster and the drivers don't get the chance to throw the package into my back yard, yes that is right I said throw it, as if you are not home or do not get to the door on time and there is nothing owning on the package it gets turfed at the drivers discretion, yes the driver instead of getting a signature can throw the package anywhere he likes and I have had them pitched into my back yard, buried in a wood pile under my deck, hidden in the snow, and no notes left stating they were ever there to deliver or where they left the package, so everyone never let UPS deliver a package to you , please stop using UPS lets put them out of buisness, I am submitting this to other forums all over the world, I intend to damage thier buisness with all means possible, I am informing the Canadian Government of the unfiar buisness practices as well.....
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    Ok, you've posted this post 3 X so far, enough already !!!
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    yes and it will never be enough !!! PERIOD !!!! till UPS is out of buisness !!!!
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    If you want to take UPS out of business you don't come to a site that is not affiliated with UPS.

    Send your gripes to the corporate office in Atlanta
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    no this is the place so everyone will see what kind of people they are, the truth will always win !!!!!
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    join me in the chat room if you like !!!!!
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    I would, but you probably won't want to pay they fee.
    One post at a time.
    Please do not blast the BrownCafe with the same post.
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    again if there is a fee for doing nothing and you would be a person wanting money for nothing I bet your a welfare case and your right I don't support dead beats wanting money for nothing we call them indians and they live on reserves, go find one....
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    I think someone needs a hug...
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    OK, like you're suppose to be telling us something new!


    Your beef is not with UPS, it's with the mob via the Teamsters. That $30 extra bucks is a kickback charge that is buried within the IBT/UPS Labor Contract. You see, the mob has gone global in it's protection rackett and it just so happens your package was one such parcel that was processed under the "Tough Tony" program. Most people pay it and go on and it's funny that the one's who object for some odd reason are never heard from again. Rumor has it they were "rubbed out!"

    I would suggest that in the future you might do a couple of things different.

    1) Use Federal Express, DHL, etc. for your shipping needs. Now they may have their own buried costs but there seems no evidence atthis time that any other company is mob connected like UPS.

    2) If you truly believe you've been done wrong, you can either (A) file a claim in Small Claims court against UPS for the excess, bogus charges which you can do yourself or (B) hire a lawyer and go after them bigtime.

    Lastly I do want to offer you this to try and help you out. You can post away here all you want but my guess in the end you will get banned. This site is not in any way connected with UPS itself. This site is completely private and seperate entity created by an individual person not affliated with UPS.

    Now if you want to try and talk with someone at UPS I do have a solution. Call the (800) PICKUPS number but (here's the dirty secret they never tell you) the person you need to talk with is Jim Casey. Demand to speak and speak only with Jim Casey and don't give up under any reason until you speak with Jim. He's the man that can get this whole matter fixed.

    One piece of advice as I part, if you notice a big tough looking italian guy following you, it "MAY" mean you've gone to far! And whatever you do, don't mention my name!

    Gotta Go! The nurse is coming with my meds!
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    TAZ! TAZ! TAZ!

    Did a light bulb not go off when you heard of UPS being a "unionized" company?

    I mean "UNION" "PERSON WANTING MONEY FOR NOTHING" "DEADBEATS" See a connection there?



    Yes Nurse, I was told to leave your computer alone. I'm sorry!


    No not the padded room again. Please! I'll stay off the internet, I promise!

    hope I helped TAZ!!!!!!!!!!

    OUCH!!!!!! Hey watch where you stick that needle!

    ENEMAS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    No, meet me in the schoolyard after class you big bully !!!!!:clubbing:

    mountaingoatRe: Ups Rips People Off
    I think someone needs a hug... :grounch_day:A hug and a a Vermont Teddy Bear

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    D....nice job "Chief" ! :wink2:
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    SALT PETER! Forget that! Bring me the good stuff. LSD and an isolation tank! (a-la movie Altered States) And let's put Pink Floyd's Echoes on the stereo for good measure.

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    It talks about a slightly different spin in the ending of One flew over the Cookoo's Nest" (The book that is) and Chris Matthews' take on Hillary. But a humorous women's perspective on how men view Hillary. Here's a quote from the article;

    "It’s not that anyone thinks that Clinton is truly evil (come on, now); it’s that Nurse Ratched represents female power over men and the imagined horrors that it could cause. It’s a castration complex, which is another thing that these types aren’t afraid to try to pin on Clinton. And more than that — perhaps most importantly of all — they think that just like with Nurse Ratched, they can bring Hillary Clinton down by “exposing” the fact that she has boobs."
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    wkmac, best laugh in the middle of the snowy evening..thanks
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    Hey Taz, Maybe before your next post, you can learn proper grammar and punctuation! Just use a different company you ****!
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    Taz could you repeat your orignal post again? Sorry I fell asleep reading it the first time.:sleeping2:
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    Yo tazman,first of all they are not called indians anymore,try natives or aborigials.Secondly,if you would read the terms and conditions,if you choose to have your package sent by any other service than "standard",if you pay the extra buck or two,ups waves the brokerage fee and all you have to pay is a small "GST" fee.Please clue in that bitching on this site will get you nowhere because we only work there.I for one think that you may have fallen out of a christmas tree when you were very small .But I may be wrong.
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    Your welcome Matt. That's my only true purpose in being here!

    BTW: Enemas for Everyone is a line from the movie 12 Monkeys and spoken by Brad Pitt who played a really good psycho in the movie. First time I saw that scene and him uttering that line I LMAO. Just loved the line ever since and Taz seemed the appropiate moment to kinda enter that character mode myself.

    I'm wondering if Taz was dumped by the powers that be and I can understand why but I'm kinda sad. I always consider it healthy for the wolfpack to have a dead body to toss around from time to time and chew on and Taz seemed to me the perfect candidate. Allows us a chance to bond with the taste of blood and dead decaying flesh in our mouth! Oh the thought is almost orgasmic!

    Oh well, back to my tall rock!


    Need a howling wolf icon there Cheryl!