UPS says evaluating Airbus A380 orders

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    UPS says evaluating Airbus A380 orders - Reuters

    United Parcel Service Inc., the world's largest package delivery company, has set up a team to evaluate its multi-billion dollar purchase of Airbus A380 freighters, saying all options remain open.
  2. Brunmonger

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    Methinks Airbus is in serious trouble. If UPS cancels orders, FedEx will do the same within weeks. That will spell the end for Airbus.
  3. hoser

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    Two cargo airlines cancelling orders of a certain aircraft doesn't mean the end of this aircraft manufacturer. It just means one of the hugest and most embarassing industrial blunder in decades.

    The 380 is a horrible plane for passengers and only seems to make sense for cargo where frequency of flights is actually a bad thing. We'll see...
  4. rushfan

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    Airbus has had managers quit over the A380 program. That, along with delays, isn't a good sign. UPS should check into the 7E7 "Dreamliner". It has speed, and fuel efficency.
  5. hoser

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    Not to mention it can go anywhere in the world point-to-point. Thing is, overnight delivery logistics is about massive payload in hub+spoke, not frequency and ability to go from SFO to BOM twice daily. Lousivlle to Cologne once a night is what they're looking for.
  6. i would love to see the a380 in a" brown tail"
    we dont a ups jet ireland,its a pity as TNT and FEDEX and DHL both have 2 planes parked in dublin airport.
    if they cancel orders airbus could be in trouble
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    keith, is tNT a large company where your at. Over here there have been rumors that ups was in the market for them.