UPS seeks EU approval for 5.2 billion euro TNT buy

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    UPS seeks EU approval for 5.2 billion euro TNT buy - Reuters

    UPS notified the European Commission of the proposed acquisition on Friday, the EU watchdog said. It will decide by July 20 whether to clear the deal or open an in-depth investigation that could lead to concessions from UPS.

    Analysts expect UPS to sell some assets to get regulatory clearance for the purchase, its largest ever.
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    i dont see why we will have to sell assets ,tnt will have to sell their airline as because ups is an american company the eu wont let them fly within europe.i thought that this rule was coming to an end.thats dhl deutsche post knowing they will loose bus to us they are trying to pressurising europe on this.
    it will be an interesting 4 to 5 years i have heard b4 the integration takes place
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    One would think, they would not argue in current conditions, yet I am not as close as you to things in Europe.