UPS shares up 6 pct after first-quarter surprise

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    UPS shares up 6 pct after first-quarter surprise - Reuters
    United Parcel Service (UPS.N) shares rose 6 percent to their highest level since September 2008 on Thursday after the world's largest package delivery company said first-quarter profit had been far better than Wall Street had expected.

    The company, which is considered a barometer of the U.S. economy due to the large volume of commercial and consumer deliveries it handles, said after the close of trading on Wednesday that its first-quarter earnings per share rose almost 37 percent and hiked its full-year profit forecast.
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    Is there a correlation between the timing of the pre-announcement last night and the mailing of the proxy statement? I got one last night.
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    Now comes the suspence of when to sell-------------don't wait too long.