UPS slashes ground delivery transit times


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UPS slashes ground delivery transit times - Freight Waves

Fastest Ground Ever project takes one business day off millions of nationwide deliveries

UPS Inc. has reduced transit times by one business day on millions of parcels moving under its core U.S. ground delivery business, one of the most consequential service improvements the transport and logistics giant has implemented in years.

The initiative, Fastest Ground Ever, was launched during the first week of November. All lengths of haul are affected by the change. However, 63% of its ZIP code-to ZIP code lane improvements have been in what the company characterizes as “one- to three-day transit lanes,” according to a UPS spokesman. For millions of commercial and residential shipments, that means an original three-business-day transit time will be compressed to two, and two business days down to one. UPS moved 16.8 million packages each day through its ground network during the third quarter, according to company data.