UPS slashes investment, buybacks amid coronavirus disruption

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    UPS slashes investment, buybacks amid coronavirus disruption - Reuters

    United Parcel Service Inc will slash $1 billion from this year’s capital spending budget and reduce planned share buybacks by almost $800 million as it adjusts to “unprecedented” changes wrought by the novel coronavirus outbreak.

    Shares sank 5% to $97.47 in midday trading after the world’s biggest package delivery company, like dozens of other major firms, withdrew its financial 2020 forecasts after missing analyst estimates for profit in the first quarter.

    UPS is under pressure to squeeze more profit out of booming e-commerce shipments as Inc looms as a double threat. The e-commerce giant is UPS’s largest customer and is building a rival delivery network.
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    Im not sure corporate ups has heard about amazon delivering stuff and trying to compete.
  3. They are suspending that June 1st
    Looks like you're having a hard time delivering their own stuff