UPS sponsorship follows Jarrett to Waltrip Racing

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We have seen Dale several times at the UPS tents at the races and Dale is a very polite guy. I'm just glad UPS is following him.

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can't get it done

I only know if he were a part of the UPS mgt team...with his results, he would be looking for a job.


Level heads dont prevail at UPS. Whoever supported this does not have a clue and has had the wool pulled over their eyes. Jarrett is a has been that was made by YRY and now his greed has even sucked UPS in. UPS states they are very pleased with his "on and off the track performance" Hello? What races are they watching. Guilbert is even more of a loser than Jarrett.

This was a decision based on BS and nothing else. Common sense and logic certainly did not come into play. Where is the Management committee to keep idiots in check?



Big brown should ask of this the same we are asked everyday,what have you done for me lately,Waltrip a joke in Nextel Cup Jarrett washed up and for a 100 year old American company to sponser Toyota makes me want to ship Fed Ex,lets see some more idiots with degrees and no work experience get promoted over this.UPSERFORYEARS.


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Dale Jarrett

Why, waiste our time with him. He never races the the car. He drives around the track at the rear of the field. We need someone who is aggrevise and is at the front of the field. Dale Jarrett does not repersent UPS.

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I know why UPS has decided to stay with DJ when he goes to Toyota's next year. And the answer is to beat the traffic from the races, because they will be able to leave the races early when Dale Jarrett has engine problems with his Junkota's next year or crashes them. I still want to see Dale race the truck. Go Denny Hamlin and #11 Fed Ex!!!


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life is good said:
I only know if he were a part of the UPS mgt team...with his results, he would be looking for a job.

Great comment absoultely this DALE seems like a nice DHL/FEDEXUSPS MGR guy, not the ball buster I'm working for we need someone who is a "get it done" guy. But who?........:mellow:


Makes sense

Ever since DJ announced his imminent retirement, it seems that Yates made a business decision to develop his younger drivers. Consequently, one has to wonder if the 88 team is really getting all the resources they need to compete - or win even. With that looming over his head, it makes sense that DJ jumped to a team that is willing to do what it needs to be a competitor. Toyota has deep pockets also. Seems like Dale is simply trying to go out on a high note.

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Will he now be able to win a few races? We dont want to see Mr nice guy we want some bumping cutting off pushing and most of all some wins. You dont do this in a Ford fusion and this driver!