UPS supervisors...basic training and initiation ceremony

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    The IE guys all wear black robes.
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    Thank you sir ,May I have another
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    Are you sure that is not Driver Training and initiation?:wink2:
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    Driver training and inititation is handled by the Union....its a bit different from what they put the management people through!:happy-very:

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    Beeyah and debauchery OK!:happy-very:
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    This is another bit of secret advice given after the IBT Initiation Ceremony by one of our best recruiters. It also demonstrates the secret Teamster hand gesture, so management shouldn't watch this:

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    sober here is one of a secret teamster initiation. thanks for starting this stuff. its hilarious.

    sober you're the best . heres one that should also give you a chuckle.
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  9. soberups

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    Post it again. I want to see it. I am able to see the humour and irony in things without getting all bent out of shape.....
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    ....this has nothing to do with getting bent out of shape. Call me a homophobe (not true) but I just don't see how a video showing 2 guys making out is relevant to anything on this forum. Tie could have made his point in many other ways. Tie is most certainly in the minority here as a management poster and I usually respect his opinions but this video was in poor taste.

    Yes, I was the person who PM'ed Over and asked him to first delete the video and then the Teamster Initiation thread. He was uncertain at first so I suggested he PM Hoke for a second opinion. I don't know whether he did or not but he did delete both the video and the thread. Now, if he had disagreed with me and chose instead to leave the video and thread intact, I would have respected his decision and simply not clicked on that thread. BTW, I would have felt the same had the video had 2 women making out. The content of the video had absolutely no relevance to anything on this site and added nothing to the discussion here.
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    None of the videos really relate to the discussions on this board.