UPS takes step forward toward commercial package deliveries with drones

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    UPS takes step forward toward commercial package deliveries with drones - Atlanta Business Journal

    The Federal Aviation Administration on Monday OK'd United Parcel Service Inc. limited authority to begin making small deliveries using drones.

    In July, UPS (NYSE: UPS) applied to the FAA to operate commercial drone flights in the UPS network under a subsidiary business, UPS Flight Forward Inc. The company plans drone flights beyond an operator’s visual line of sight, and for flights occurring day or night. Such flights are highly restricted in the United States and approved only by exception.

    The FAA on Monday granted UPS an exemption "to the extent necessary to allow UPS FF to conduct small UAS air carrier operations" subject to certain conditions and limitations.
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    And the company is still going to hold drivers to driver release methods while these toys drop pkgs wherever?
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    Is a teamster gonna be operating these drones?

    I’d bid that job
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    Could you imagine the level of fat slobiness of that job!? The uniform would probably just be a brown bed sheet.
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    Already told my drone-nut friend out in Phoenix to keep his eyes open for job postings.