UPS To Hire 25K Drivers If They Pass Virtual Training

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    UPS To Hire 25K Drivers If They Pass Virtual Training - HULIQ
    A driving job at the United Parcel Service Inc. pays an average of $74,000, a year. Unfortunately, 30 percent of applicants fail the driving test, which has led the company to pursue other means of training. Gone are the booklets and lectures. Now students will be training with video games and virtual reality.

    The new approach to driver training is vital for the company, which will need to replace nearly 25,000 jobs over the next five years to replace retiring baby boomers. Currently, UPS employs 99,000 drivers in the United States.
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    that's good. hope to be gone in a year myself.
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    Funny, they haven't hired drivers in my center for three years and several have over 35 yrs.
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    There was a follow up to this article this morning. It read, another reason for UPS hiring 25k new employees besides the high number of retiring boomers is that, drivers are currently being fired at an alarming rate.
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    Seen that, too. Just the headline was different :

    UPS To obtain 25K Souls If They Pass Virtual Dead Training