UPS To Open Advanced Technology Package Center In Compton, CA

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    Additional pickup and delivery services will address commercial and residential volume growth with $70 million capital investment.

    UPS (NYSE: UPS) today announced plans for a new package center in Compton, CA. The building, located in a former brick factory site redevelopment project, is being modified to dispatch more than 300 delivery vehicles and add 50 full-time equivalent jobs when operational in late 2017.

    “UPS continues to see commercial and residential growth in and around the greater Los Angeles area” said Tom Cuce, president of the UPS Southern California District. “Expanding in Compton puts the UPS delivery fleet closer to this growing demand, enhances our processing capability, and drives improved efficiency and service for our customers throughout the area.”

    The 521,000 square-foot building will serve UPS customers in Los Angeles and Orange counties. With proximity to multiple airports, port and rail connections, the location is well positioned to support the growing flow of e-commerce in Southern California.

    State-of-the-art package sorting equipment combined with other UPS automation technology will be integrated into the new building. The increased accuracy and efficiency gained with this technology will enable UPS flexibility to balance volume surges or other demand changes.

    The new site will join 32 UPS package delivery buildings currently serving the Southern California area with more than 19,400 employees.
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    Open peak 2017?
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    If there's only 50 new full time jobs, who's driving the other 250 delivery vehicles?
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    Just a case of using "new math"
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    I fd up worked at ups , a while ago two years ago, I didn't fulfill the year requirement and resigned a small time before that to pursue school and finish and get my degree, but now I'm done w school and want to go back , now I see this hub is super close to me. Does the 1year thing vary from location to location? I know union does?

    Long story short I would like to look into applying to this ups when it opens. Would it be possible?

    Or am I blacklisted for life?
  7. hondo

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    You find out by applying. Once you enter your Social Security Number, you'll find out.
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    You a Crip or Blood?
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    The article said 50 full time equivalent jobs.
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    Neither just a resident in the city , maybe on the nice part of compton the east Westside.
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    Thank you . Makes sense.
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    Ohh ok
    The good part of Compton?
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    Who knew there was such a thing?
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    I've been to Compton guess I missed the "good " part
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    Maybe it's the "not as bad" part.

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    Good luck keeping the logo untagged.
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    The 250 delivery vehicles will be relocated from nearby hubs. They won't be new routes.

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