UPS to roll out major pricing revamp as it benefits from network efficiency steps

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    UPS to roll out major pricing revamp as it benefits from network efficiency steps - Freightwaves

    UPS Inc. (NYSE: UPS) is in the midst of a major transformation of its pricing structure – the byproduct of which could be major rate reductions for many shippers – as the shipping and logistics giant improves the efficiency of its package flow and builds shipment density in ways it has been unable to do before.

    According to Rob Martinez, CEO of parcel consultancy Shipware, LLC, employees in UPS’ revenue management operations, the group that along with its executive leadership manages the company’s pricing initiatives, are currently being trained on the new structure. Armed with the retooled pricing, UPS’ sales force will then pitch its own customers, as well as those shipping with rivals like FedEx Corp. (NYSE:FDX), UPS’ chief competitor in the U.S. market, Martinez said. Martinez discussed the UPS initiatives during a presentation last Thursday at the Home Delivery World annual conference in Philadelphia.
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    This report has no validity considering the fact that the author does not work for UPS.

    UPS's response to this article -

    Steve Gaut, a UPS spokesman, would neither confirm nor deny the report. In a statement, Gaut said UPS “continually reviews the value we provide and the rates charged to customers in all segments. Our objective is to be fairly compensated for the value we create, while working with our customers to help them be more successful.”
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    This is from a deals site I visit. These UPS shipping discounts run through the last day of this year. Could be a strong indication that rumors of price revamps are probably legit.

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