UPS Violating California state law AB 685


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My coworkers have been getting covid and ups has been keeping it a secret from us

AB 685 (Chapter 84, Statutes of 2020) is a California law signed by Governor Gavin Newsom on September 17, 2020. This law:

  • Requires employers to notify employees who may have been exposed to COVID-19 and to report workplace outbreaks to the local health department.
  • Requires the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to publicly report information on workplace outbreaks.
  • Authorizes Cal/OSHA to enforce COVID-19 hazards as an imminent hazard to provide immediate protection for workers.

How and when should workers be notified?​

You must provide a written notice to your employees and the employer of subcontracted workers within 1 business day of receiving notification of potential exposure. The written notice can be hand delivered or given by email or text message and should be in both English and any other language understood by the majority of employees. You must also provide this written notice to the exclusive labor representative, if any, within 1 business day.

AB 685 allows Cal/OSHA to:

  • Issue an Order Prohibiting Use[3] to shut down an entire worksite or a specific worksite area that exposes employees to an imminent hazard related to COVID-19.
  • Cite or fine employers for serious violations related to COVID-19 without having to provide 15-days' notice.
  • Cite or fine employers for violations of AB 685 worker notification provision


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UPS tabulates and reports cases to our state department for their monthly outbreak report (which # they exceeded this winter, and Amazon exceeded immediately on the first wave lol) They also report at PCM since February but may have ignored that part since.

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California gets rid of its laws that require people to tell sexual partners that they have HIV but you have to notify the whole world if you have a case of the sniffles. What a backwards state California is.


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You would think UPS would encourage its employees to get vaccinated? Like when someone gets infected with covid, nothing but silence.


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I am not afraid of the virus,but honestly our working conditions are foul.Most the time I can't find masks in the building (need them because my mask gets dirt from the trailers)Sometimes there is no soap or paper towels in the bathroom.I wanted to know are other hubs like this especially in California?I've looked into it UPS has pending lawsuits for Covid violations,Rest and meal break violations,and pay when you go through security checks.