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    If you think the commercials are lame, take a look on UPSer' at the whiteboard. If you have trouble falling asleep - this will do it for you.
    UPS should hire the company that does Bud commericals, the rubber floors are the best.
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    If you look at the whiteboard section of there is a survey you can take. In one of the questions they want you to comment on the commercials vs. reality. At least that is how I took it. I'm sure some members here would like to take it?
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    Yeaaaahhhh. Wow. The TV ads were lame. But they are effective, if someone is bored enough to watch them. They try to reach out to ma+pa with their casual shipping service, but for UPS to explain that, they have to go to the website to let that long haired idiot explain it to them, which they're not going to because "shipping isn't their life". I say, stick with the old Brown ads, the series where the sentence of a UPSer picking up a package in Mobile, AL being finished by a UPSer delivering that package in Shanghai and vice versa coming to mind. That was a lot more creative and effective IMO.

    The print and outdoor ads, along with the direct mail campaign are a lot better BTW.

    Agreed about marketing like FedEx. Clients loved getting scratch+win cards for every 5 boxes that they shipped, along with an online game that they could play for cash. Not freakin boards of some maroon explaining to them on a whiteboard what brown can do for them. Yet again, UPS is offering free sh-t to their clients. But no flash games!

    At least they are asking for our opinions. OH WAIT, it's a freakin' quiz that they're offering to us on our free time, WITHOUT actually asking for our opinion :mad::mad:
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    I had a much better idea than that and would have worked a whole lot cheaper than 35 million. Some years ago we had somebody ship an alligator through UPS. Why not make a commercial showing an alligator escaping out of a package, crawling out of the back of a package car. Then you say, "We know we are the best shipping company in the business, but please, no alligators." Simple, concise, and more than a little effective.
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    $35 million is NOTHING.
    UPS Revenue last year was 11 700 000 000.
    An aggressive Ad Campaign, involving new commercials, print ads, website, and even decorating subway stations is costing UPS 35 000 000.

    35/11 700 = 0.00299145299145299145299
    This semi-aggressive ad campaign is costing UPS 0.002% of last year's revenue.

    Money well spent.

    Go here:
    UPS. Celebrating 100 Years of Service.
    Click on year 2000

    Watch all the ads. Funny, effective, and to the point. Especially the Consultants spot in 2000.

    I think UPS is just trying to define itself differently from FX and their funny ads, that are effective, but don't really fully explain what FX has to offer (the average joe is starting to understand the difference between Green and Orange, ground and express). Whiteboard isn't bad, but it ain't spectacular either.
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    You got the revenue for last year wrong. Are you just showing 1 quarter? I think it was more like $40 Billion for the whole year
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    Thank tieguy for the whiteboard, he road the short bus.
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    LOL, thanks I think. Actually it looks like the stuffed shirts that do our normal conservative marketing tried to get hip. So what you have is some long haired guy who comes across real bland.

    The concept is not all bad. It allows shippers the option to narrow their search for information to the appropriate catogory. Most people probably won't have the attention span needed to follow it through but those that do will appreciate this feature.
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    I think the whiteboard guy is quite handsome. And he comes across as very sincere.