UPS workers deliver lesson about MLK at charter school

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    UPS workers deliver lesson about MLK at charter school - Daily Times

    Students at Widener Partnership Charter School got a two-fold lesson in American history and supply chain management Friday morning when UPS employees visited for a Martin Luther King Day of Service event. Employees gave kindergarteners and second-graders a look at a UPS truck before reading King-themed books to students.

    After pulling back the curtain on the workings of a UPS truck, the volunteers visited classrooms to read books on King to students. The books included “My Uncle Martin’s Big Heart,” recounting the personal memories of King’s niece and current Spelman College professor Angela Farris Watkins, PhD., from her childhood.

    The event, in its second-year overall, marked the first time it was coordinated with Widener’s University’s Office for Civic Engagement and capped off a series of MLK Day events at the school.
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    such a touchy -feelie story .

    wanna puke
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    Did they tell the stories of all his mistresses? :-)
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    I wonder what ethnicity the drivers were?

    Let me guess....
  5. Long live Dr. Martin Luther The King. Good on them for doing this. I hope the kids learned a thing or two.
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    Italian ?
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    If true, those qualities don't seem to cause you any issues with your beloved Trump.. could it be because MLK was black that it's now become an issue with you?
  9. Woah woah! Don't stir up the hornet's nest here, Rick. The Book of Trump chapter 18 verse 12 states "Do as I say, not as I do. For I became a conservative Christian 10 minutes before I came down the escalator in 2015."

    Don't reference their lord and savior Donald J. in the same sentence as Dr. Martin Luther the King.
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    Every one knows the Donald is Donald but MLK is/was like a GOD to some people and he definitely wasn't an angel. I kind of doubt it (but I could be wrong) that there will ever be a National Trump Day. Quit playing the race card for everything on here.