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    So where is the petition against Girl Scouts? Because I am a man I can not be a troop leader for my daughters, I can not go on trips, and I am eye balled if I attend meetings. My wife can do all of the above for our son. Is that fair?

    Boy scouts are a private group. If you don't like it don't participate.
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    Nope, not fair at all. Wow, they really give you the stinkeye if you attend your daughters meetings? I have daughters as well, but if I had a son I'd never allow him into the Scouts just based on the following.

    " thousands of confidential files released as part of a lawsuit show top Boy Scout leaders for decades carefully tracked thousands of scoutmasters and volunteers who sexually abused boys in their care but routinely failed to report those individuals to law enforcement."
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    Sounds like that was UPS' conclusion.
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    Boy Scouts...Catholic Church...Wall Street...

    Let's just drop the funding for these pederasts...

    After all, we're in a huge financial hole and all...
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    I find it hilarious considering the discrimination that is rampant internally at UPS.