UPS'ers Help



UPSers help Laguna Beach landslide victims....

As quickly as the recent landslide occurred in Laguna Beach, the Pacific Region went into emergency contingency mode to ensure service reliability and extend a helping hand to local residents. All UPS people making early-morning deliveries in the area were immediately accounted for and all packages destined for the affected landslide area were scanned into the UPS tracking system as "emergency," redirected, and held at a local UPS facility.

UPS also delivered food, water, and supplies to the Red Cross evacuation center and donated boxes and packing tape to displaced residents. In addition, The UPS Store in Boat Canyon offered mailbox, notary, fax, and copy services to impacted residents.

On June 9, Pacific Region employees continued to lend a helping hand through the Neighbor to Neighbor volunteer program by assembling to recover the contents of a local residents home, which was red-tagged during the slide.


Good story but typical UPS mentality in the press release. The first thing mentioned was in regards to the packages. I've seen it too many times, when someone would have an accident the first question asked was how is the truck not are you okay. I'm glad we were able to help the people in the area but the message remains the same, the well being of pkgs and equipment comes first in the mind of mgt.


Ha! My truck caught fire and burnt in the middle of an intersection.
First thing out of my ctr mngrs mouth, "Guess your on lunch".
Second thing, "That car isn't even ours". (it was a loaner from another ctr.)