UPSPAC leads the rest


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"UPS's Political Action Committee has been the most generous corporate giver to federal candidates for every U.S. election since 1992, donating a total of $14 million through December 31, 2005 according to Federal Election Commission records." ( )

Is UPS getting the bang for your buck? Are your jobs more secure? Are the laws changing to favor UPS? Do you think Hillary, Obama or McCain give a darn where their campaign money comes from?

I know it can't hurt to bribe politicians with legal donations but is it helpful?

I always gave what I was expected to give. I think it was worth it. Do you?
That money is not from UPS revenues. That money comes from contributions by all UPS management. You think you get pressured to give to United Way? Although participation is voluntary (just like United Way), management is expected to contribute to UPSPAC. The money is used by UPS lobbyists for political purposes (pushing through legislation favorable to UPS).


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UPSPAC is one area where most UPS management contribute, but are don't really follow up in regards to how the monies are used.

A good source to read and see how the monies are used, is to go to UPSer' under our Company, reports and publications, and click on Public Affairs updates. All issues UPS is working on Capitol Hill and locally can be viewed.

It's more than upcoming presidential elections coming up, and quite interesting to read if you like political science.



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A few couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to meet most of our representatives in Washington and see first hand where our PAC money goes.

It opened my eyes to how the process works and why we need UPSPAC. Personally, I don't like the idea of PACS, but found them to be necessary in todays political process.

It was not like bribery (as someone stated), but more like advertising. Its the way that exists to tell your story.

I had a chance to talk with a few members of congress. I used that opportunity to explain what a great company UPS is.

Here is a website that breaks out different PACS and who they donate to:

It confirms that UPS is the 14th largest contributor to Federal candidates at $788K

For total contributions, UPS is 17th, at $1.98M.

By the way, the Teamsters are number 7 at $4.75 million.



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UPS Urges Workers’ Compensation reform in New York
Since New York workers’ compensation law provides injured employees with one of the longest periods for benefits in the country, UPS is urging reform that establishes meaningful guidelines for disability awards. Already-existing guidelines established by the American Medical Association (AMA) give more accurate assessments of injuries and help employers and employees curb unnecessary costs. The AMA guidelines are used in 39 states, but not New York.

That's the UPS I know and love.