UPS's Circle of Honor Expands; 117,000 Years of Accident-Free Driving

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    UPS's Circle of Honor Expands; 117,000 Years of Accident-Free Driving - Yahoo

    UPS today announced the induction of 784 elite drivers into its "Circle of Honor," pushing to 4,202 the total of active drivers who have steered clear of accidents for 25 years or more.
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    I retired in 2005 with 35 years safe driving and 3 million safe miles,my advise is to expect the unexpected and leave alot of room front and rear,there is no reason to speed,I never got a speeding ticket,you must slow down in bad weather or pull over,dont put yourself at risk.Dave:thumbup1:
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    If I had to guess, I'd say your truck wasn't brown.
    The company you work for apparently cared more about their employees than some numbers on a "operations report".
    How many stops per hour were you running? With 3 million miles you clearly weren't a package car driver.
    Since you apparently drove the big trucks I wonder how many times you "pulled over" in bad weather and got away with it.

    "can't you just go slow?"
    "the roads aren't that bad."
    "other drivers are getting through, why can't you?
    "are you telling me you can't do it?

    ....are some of the responses I've heard when drivers call in from some truck stop due to bad roads. We all knew the dispatcher was more concerned with the center full of bouncing college kids a few fuming supervisors waiting for those loads than our safety.
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    trickpony-I was in feeders and sleepers my entire career and was steward for 30 years,I knew the ropes and had common sense,I understand in package delivery and todays traffic this is difficult to do.I stated this post in order to help the young kids get on the right track,if I offended you i am sorry,anyone can do this if they dont get brainwashed.Thank you :thumbup1:
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    it doesn't take a lot to do that to trickpony. good to see a non-disgruntled person on the forum. it's been a while.
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    Thank you for your reply Hoser,it often amazes me when you make a post to try to help the new upsters you get a response that is negative,chill out and enjoy life,I am :thumbup1:
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    They're just disgruntled and burnt out. It's what you make of it!