US seeks to mine social media to predict future, planned uprisings

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    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- The U.S. government is seeking software that can mine social media
    to predict everything from future terrorist attacks to foreign uprisings, according to requests posted
    online by federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

    Hundreds of intelligence analysts already sift overseas Twitter and Facebook posts to track events
    such as the Arab Spring. But in a formal "request for information" from potential contractors, the
    FBI recently outlined its desire for a digital tool to scan the entire universe of social media - more data than
    humans could ever crunch.

    The Department of Defense and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence also have solicited the
    private sector for ways to automate the process of identifying emerging threats and upheavals using the
    billions of posts people around the world share every day.

    News from The Associated Press