Vermont Teddy Bears and Pro Flowers

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    I know UPS ships the VTBs and usually has several extra sections for Thu Nite and Fri Nite, but this proflower has me confused. I saw the ad for "discount" and ordered for my wife, today I get an UPS notice that a box of flowers will be delivered Friday. I remember the superbowl ad that had the office girl gets a box of dead flowers in a brown box and the other girls all get fresh ones from the FTD company. I remember when we took over Challenge Air in 2000 we used to get the CA 757s full of flowers from Central America and never really cared how they got to the customer because we had to work the aircraft. Now all at once PRO Flowers has burst on the scene, please let them be alive instead of the superbowl ad. I hope UPS makes money on this deal instead of the fiasco in the early 2k.
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    All I know is that flowers and fruit don't get along well when its 20 below. We used to call the oranges we got bombed with at peak "croquet balls" If its cold enough you can get them to shatter. Apples turn to applesauce
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    Pro flowers turned out to be a dud. They showed up early, card was wrong, vase was cracked but UPS made a buck. We were watching the CBS news about the aviation turmoil over outsource of maintenance, which is my primary job, when the UPS driver rang the bell. My wife was OK with the quality of the flowers but like the girl in the TV ad, they come in a brown box, and the vase and card was jacked up. Dang at least her gift to me a new Drew Brees Superbowl jersey and it came FDX ground without a hitch. Next year back to 1-800-flowers. Who Dat going to beat them Saints?
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    Maybe you could work on FedEx`s planes then.
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    are you bagging on UPS in this post, I really can't tell? if so, STFU, UPS making a buck PAYS YOUR SALARY.

    damn, you have a bad case of the dumb.

    edit: and as I have said in another thread, 1800flowers ships UPS, so you are totally screwed.
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    You gotta love this ;)) I bet UPS delivers better flowers than Fedex any day.
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    Here in the greater Boston Area, our local public radio station is running a Valentine's Day fund-raiser. $150 for a dozen roses (?!!), $250 for two dozen roses and a box of chocolates (***?!!).

    Anyway, Fed-ex has donated the flower delivery (anywhere in the country), and some Fed-ex staff are manning the phones at the radio station taking people's orders.

    Talk about great press.

    I wish UPS would do a little better to sell the company in terms of advertising. The pony-tail guy is underwhelming...
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    looks like that Fabio guy on meth.
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    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

    All the drivers should be issued White Board Guy wigs for April Fools Day Delivery day !!! That would be a fun promotion!!
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    My point was that most customers would have filed a claim. I didnt because I would rather learn a lesson from Proflowers than have to file a claim. I didnt file a claim because customers will.
  11. Of course he's bagging UPS. He's also finding yet another way of spinning the facts of a news story. He has no clue what STFU means.
    There is no "aviation turmoil". The issue is that the FAA has not been conducting the annual inspections. What turmoil?
    There are many, many articles and papers out there that disprove your rant that foreign repair stations are to blame for airplane crashes. You'll never admit it. BTW, here's two links to prove exactly what I said is true. The "turmoil" happens outside of some of our biggest Customers when some Airline Mechanics think it's a brillint idea to picket them and harass their Customers.
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    Dysfuntional Manager, we were doing great without you. Go back to where you were and leave us alone. You STFU and quit harassing us.
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    Your like that idiot in the South Arlington Hooters that made the workers eat beans to get the day off. I wish you were on the show using your anp. It would be great to see you walk one day in my Sears DieHards. You couldnt carry my tool box or boroscope or roll a tire. GO AWAY dysfuntional manager.
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    Dude, you are a dysfunctional person. I hope you get help, call Solutions at 1-800-234-5123 and let them know you need help.