Voter fraud

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Mar 15, 2014.

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    The NAACP says the crack down to purge the voter roles to eliminate ineligible people from voting "will disproportionately affect Florida's most vulnerable groups, namely minorities."
    Well, if the minorities would abide the law, then they would be affected at the same rate as non-minorities.
    So maybe minorities should start abiding by the law.
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    We just had an election for two Township Officials last week. Approximately 2,200 people in the Township were eligible to vote. A total of 136 actually voted. Out of the 136 votes cast we had two votes for Donald Duck, one vote for Superman and one who just wrote in "anybody but these guys". Why would someone waste time to go vote and then waste their vote? Two people also showed up with absolutely no ID and wanted to register to vote.
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    The "anybody but these guys" vote might have been a waste, but actually points to a great idea. A "None of the Above" option IMO is a choice this country is in desperate need of.
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    Seems to me the waste were the real people on the ballot and those votes for non persons were just pointing this out. You must go to the store everytime and buy something regardless that you didn't find what you were looking for.


    Then if you treat the vote like money, maybe more Americans should keep it in their pocket as a consumer choice to force a better product.

    No? The floor is yours Mr. Cavett.

    Both political parties benefit from voter fraud.
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    There was a letter sent out to every household in the Township that was from "The Concerned Citizens for _________ Township". Basically all it said was "throw the bums out" (those are the exact words in the letter). There was no mention as to who they would like to see voted in or anything like that. Someone wasted what ever a stamp cost (50 cents?) + printing + time to address each household and for what? During the Annual Township Meeting (where the budget is set for the up coming year) it was brought up several times if anyone was present from the CC_T group and would they like to make a statement. Nobody volunteered.
    The possible need for a "none of the above" option just shows how sad this country has become.
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    It is strange someone would spend that much money mailing that letter and not endorse a candidate, or maybe it's inspiring, I can't decide.

    I agree the need for a "none of the above" option does show how sad the election system has become (or possibly always has been).

    What is disturbing about your story is that this was in a local election.... one of the few places someone still actually has a small chance of making a real difference. Maybe our system really is a lost cause.
    What I do know: something has to change.
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    I got to show my photo ID to get a library card but I dont have to show it to vote!
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    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers ID?? That's stupid. They ask for ID by me....
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    They tried pushing the Issue a few years ago. "we can not discourage voting" wtf? You need an ID for just about everything, anymore!
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    Exactly, you can't even get a grocery store discount card without ID. Anyone can waltz in, claim to be you and vote? Ahhh...gotta love the government.
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    I could be wrong but I believe here all you have to have to register to vote is someone to vouch for you and a piece of mail addressed to you at an address within the voting district. The two idiots that showed up at our Township election had neither-nothing-zero-zilch. They weren't allowed to vote. They were told to return with proper ID and they could register. Neither of them returned.
    It still boggles my mind that some think its ok to let people vote without a proper picture ID. Those that back this BS are up to no good to begin with.
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    Scandal --an excellent show --with a President in office --because his election team "rigged" the electronic voting machines . Not out of realm of reality.
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    Scandal is great! I heard it was loosely based on reality. It's been fun watching the Olivia pregnancy shots......she's been in a heavy winter coat a lot lately!!
    Good show.
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    Recently heard someone make an interesting point your post would seem to confirm on some level. More shows and even movies are depicting gov't in a bad light. If true, very healthy.

    I recently found cause to watch TV because of the new Cosmos series, maybe the TV show you discussed is worth killing a few minutes to see for myself.
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    You'd have to watch it from the beginning or you'll be lost. Download it free on express files
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    If you have the time -also check out "House of Cards" with Kevin Spacey --It is into its third season --I would recommend going back to season one on Netflix or Roku.

    I believe you would find both Scandal and House of Cards --well written -fast moving -interesting and dark !!