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  1. jfr

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    hey, im new and i was just hired as a package handler, i was told too go online and select the way i'd like too be paid. (i.e direct deposit) does anyone know how to find that or what too do?
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    Go back to the site where you applied and enter your information just like when you applied and you should find everything to fill out, you will not be able to access upsets.com yet because you do nit have an ID number
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    Congratulations your the man. Upsers.com
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    Expect to work your butt off.
    No matter how good you do the job , someone will always ask more of you.
    When in doubt about how it's done , insist that they show you the proper way to do it.
    It may sound silly, but it tends to keep them off of your back.
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    so i should re-apply to the same job.. or?
  7. PiedmontSteward

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    Bring a voided check into HR once you're given your start date. We had new hires recently that thought they weren't getting paid.. but they had really put in the wrong routing numbers for their direct deposit.
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    Go back to upsjobs.com, re-open your application and complete the applicable paperwork.