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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by altstewie, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. altstewie

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    I know an alternate steward and a stewart can be on UPS grounds after they punch out and investigate areas if theyre supervisors working.

    This is in the master agreement the section about stewards. They cannot be fired or harassed about it.

    My question is this.

    I used to work in the preload, and after filing many grievances and complaining to go to osha for egress problems and having 2 back injuries, they have put me up in the small sort. Which is great because its easy work. But the last 3 days i have gone back to my old are downstairs and to the belts and have noticed many supervisors working. When PAS came in they moved all higher seniority into the small sort for the Spa. Now theres not alot of contract knowledge on the preload belts. I was one of the few partimers who gave a damn about the contract. My question is that when i punch out and go downstairs to see if supervisors are working. Do i have to vacate the premises immediately? If a supervisor tells me to leave, and yet i want to see if their working do i have to leave. Or if i dont do i get fired for insubornation?

    Im thinking i got sent to the small sort so they could just have their way down there. Now with the new central supplemental that supervisors during cross training cant work at the same time as a qualified employee (one has to be doing nothing) they cant get away with as much stuff.
  2. tieguy

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    Feel free to insist they remove you from the small sort and put you back in the load or unload so you can personally monitor the situation.
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    WHY GET OUT OF A easy job and paint a target on your back????
  4. tieguy

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    it was a joke. I didn't think that one would need a smiley face:happy-very:
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    if a coordinator tells you to leave his area then you have to leave his area, that being said from what i understand they cant remove you from the building (not sure about that though)

    just stand by a bathroom or break area that gives you a good view of what is going on and they shouldnt be able to move u from there

    that being said why would you grieve for work done that u cant do yourself?
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    There used to be a feeder driver that questioned preload sups a lot about working in a nonconfrontational way. He didn't want to do the work or get paid for it either, he raised the sups level of awareness that they were understaffed. They finally got HR to hire more people and make everyones job easier.
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    Thats fine, i dont care if they put me back in the preload, ill just do the best job i can. Its more money actually being back in the preload. And also, my back is fine now, its just i cant work the UPS standard, I just stack out a lot because i cant keep up because i dont want to get hurt again.

    For the person above who said i couldnt go back and work the preload. What im trying to say is that at my building, Im told to go home after my 3.5 allright. Well were understaffed in the preload, why am i going home after the small sort when i can go downstairs and help preload when theres a supervisor working. Id rather be in the small sort for the easy job but im just trying to uphold the contract.

    Yeah small sort is great and all but when the supervisors are working, they are stealing jobs from people that want them and taking time away from other teamsters. I just want to know if after i punch out can i watch them, document what i see, file the grievance and get paid that way. Or would i get fired for insubordination if a supervisor told me i cant watch them work.
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    Supervisors doing bargaining unit work?? IMpossible. According to Tieguy! :sick:

    You can certainly watch supervisors work off the clock. Let those grievances fly. Don't let anyone intimidate you or try to force you to leave.
    Let the managers and your BA know; If there's no supervisors working, you'll have no reason to hang around. If they're making mincemeat of the contract, you aren't leaving it alone....
  9. tieguy

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    He won't know unless he hangs around will he. I think thats commendable that he is willing to devote so much of his off duty time to bossing the boss. Now will he also bust any hourlys but if he is screwing off and making union labor look bad or is he only there to harass the boss? what if he witnesses one of his brothers stealing something? Will he report him or look the other way?

    The whole union logic is terrific. I'll hang around off the clock and make sure the bosses don't touch any packages but god help you if you enter your car early.

    I'll protect the rights of the union but won't lift a finger to help the company by submitting sales leads.

    You guys keep illustrating the points I beat Griff silly with.
  10. altstewie

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    I take a personal defense to that, you don't know me, you don't have any idea how good of a worker i am. Yeah i might be slow because of my back injuries, but when i was preloading i didn't have a misload during all of peak, and then from January to march only 2. I take pride in making good loads for my internal customers. Yeah i might stack out alot doing that but my drivers appreciate that their going to have a good load even if they're 5mins leaving the building.

    And shame on you, you stereotype the union as being wasting company time and money. Yeah they're guys who do that but I'd say its 20%, most of the people just want to get the job done right and go home and get paid.

    And also you, UPS signed the contract with Teamsters, why sign a contract with Teamsters if youre not going to live up it. Your bosses tieguy signed that document. I dont want to make my bosses life miserable, I don't to give him a headache, but UPS policies of shoving the work down our throat to create egress problems and have the highest amount of injuries among any shipping company is more problematic then the 20% of teamsters not getting the job done right. If you want to have an ethics conversation then you get all the part time supervisors who harass and intimidate and cheat the contract on a daily basis and also you get all the full time supervisors and the safety supervisors who continue screw people out of getting work comp by telling paid doctors to misdiagnose peoples injuries. If you want to talk about ethics tieguy, UPS screws with peoples lives, a teamster and only a minority of teamsters might take an extra few minutes. If you look at it all from a moral point of view anyone would downright say its management who needs to get their act together.
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    I don't need to know you the answer is always the same.someone wants to start some crap about the boss stealing from the union. The boss runs a business that allows you and me the opportunity to buy the wife a nice house to live in and allows us to afford the kids a great lifestyle. the only claim to fame for the union is that they claim they got you a lifestyle that you would not have without them. there is some truth to that point. there is also some truth to the point that ups pays their nonunion people well, allows them to accrue beni's and paid time off sooner then the union and allows them a better retirement then most teamster union employees have.

    Yet the typical union goon thinks his job is to boss the boss when he should be killing himself to get sales leads so that the golden goose keeps producing the lifestyle he and his family have become accustomed to.

    So keep playing your union games and when you get done choking the golden goose then walk up to hoffa and ask him if he has enough in the coffers to pay your mortgage.

    You guys hate to hear this but you need to. Ups is paying for your house, your vacations and your kids braces not the union.
  12. 705red

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    If he wants to walk the building as a steward that is his right. Why do you call it boss the boss? If management would adhere to the contract he would have no reason to boss the boss now would he. I walk the preload 1x a week and the twilight twice just for sups working and im not bosssing the boss. Im filing grievances to make sure that those employees that are being affected by sups working get the overtime they deserve.
  13. 705red

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    So in your opinion we should overlook all the contract violations because you just informed us that ups pays us? Tie open the contract and read it! Now follow it and we wont have any problems! Do not follow it and i dont give a crap who pays me, i will do my part to uphold the contract.
  14. trplnkl

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    The thing is Tieguy, I EARN every penny I get from UPS. UPS does not pay for my house, I had a house BEFORE I worked at UPS and will have one after I leave.
    Tie, why is it you have this broken record of a reply of " bossing the boss" ? No one is trying to do that. They are just wanting to keep the boss ( YOU) as honest as the boss(you) are trying to keep them. It's pretty simple Tie, if part time sups have to work daily on the preload, they don't have enough preloaders. The contract is pretty straight forward on management doing bargaining unit work. A supervisor working is just as bad a loader settin on his butt and doing nothing, the difference is the loader gets his just reward immediately the sup has to wait till the grievances hit.
  15. dilligaf

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    Tie, why do you have it out for the stewards lately. You are ragging at Altstewie and Griff with a vengence. Could it be the steward at your center is not letting you get away w/ anything and you are taking out your frustration in here?
  16. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    Flawed logic. Why should we be hustling sales leads when UPS hikes rates 18% NDA and 6% ground (hovering base rates around $6.20 for ground!). Embarrasing ; I tell people to ship with USPS if the shoe fits; and believe me Tiegue, I don't work in the building or drive all day, I'm at a counter. Chasing customers out doesn't feel so bad when there are many better deals out there.

    Your golden goose is tarnishing and honestly, if the company is going to rely upon your idea that sales leads by hourlies is a saving grace, there's big problems!

    Manangement wants their P/T Sups (slaves) to run around and underhandedly toss boxes to send people home before their 3 1/2 and wrap up quickly. This is not what any union member bargained for nor agreed to when the contract was ratified and therefore any violations should absolutely be persued.

    The ways one persues these actions is debatable, and likely the underlying issue here. Being confrontational and bitter is NOT the way and I think where the arrogant union "boss the boss" issue comes up...
  17. tieguy

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    Red, No I don't. I think much of the grievance activity is vindictive. If you have a grievance file it. Don't turn it into a search for the holy grail.

    Other then that I question and comment on how someone is willing to make sacrifices for the union but not for the company that is paying for their lifestyle. The logic presented here supporting that point is rich in irony.:happy-very:
  18. tieguy

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    hey tie. there's a old saying "people buy what they want & beg for what they need. when members at my local have to wait more than 6 months to get paid for supervisors working. according to the contract that they are entitled to if the violation occured. the BA tries to take credit playing polytricks(tics) saying to the member i got this for you. when in fact it's their job. it must be nice for union employees to get the nice perks off the union members backs(dues), if they aren't doing anything, at ups we gotta really earn our money. the big question is, would ups teamsters being better off depending their local # if ups is a union shop or not?
  20. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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