We demand Sean!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by wide load, Sep 11, 2017.

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  2. I didn't start it. I assure you, TDU didn't either. I'm just spreading the word. It was a member in good standing.
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    TDU is not supporting SO'B. I'm TDU and will not sign that petition!
  4. Good, your not wanted.
  5. Plus you have to be a Teamster to sign.
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    Shut up LC you donkey. And lookie who signed. Fred Z. and a HOST of other TDU'ers.

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    Has an online petition every changed anything?
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    Directly, rarely.
    Indirectly, far more often.

    I had an ongoing disagreement with a center manager who claimed "perception is reality", in regards to customer complaints.
    I argued that customers who are complaining, more often than not, "perceived" that they didn't receive what they wanted, or needed, and are willing to lie through their teeth to realize satisfaction.
    With this in mind, the customer's "perception" in no way can automatically be deemed reality.

    Now when it comes to politics, "perception" is always the reality of the casted vote.
    Whether fact or fiction, the voter's "perception", is always 100% reality in an election.

    It is in this arena, the political arena, that an online petition can certainly "change" things.
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    Things are getting juicy!
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    Such an attitude.
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    You had to provide your address because the hosting website wants your info to provide to third party advertisers.

    Remember, when a product is "free", you're the product.
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    Not much traction only 201 signatures. H is sticking it to us (my opinion) and no one cares. Same old story as with the voting turnouts. We need a strong lead negotiator!
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    Maybe post it in UPS Discussions? I'm betting a lot of folks stay away from the Union Forums.
  14. I think online petitions don't have the same zest as standing at the guard Shack