"were slow, take a break"

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    First off, I"m new to FedX. As a courier who does pick ups, if I work too efficient and get to a PU stop 20 minutes before the ready time, I am instructed to "take a break". Now I have nothing against breaks, but if I'm not getting paid for it, I am against it.

    I've never worked at a company that tells you to what amounts to "getting off the clock" while you are working. Don't get me wrong, I have worked for many companies that told to take a break when things got slow. Even in the fast food world of my youth, if the counter slowed down, you were instructed to take a break. But these were PAID breaks!

    Is this practice of making you get off the clock even legal?
  2. MrFedEx

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    No, it isn't legal. FedEx has always tried to get employees to work for free whenever possible. If you're early to a stop, you're under no obligation to take a break. The nature of this business is that sometimes you wait...that isn't your problem. Wait until winter, which is when they start adjusting start times for late planes, late trucks...any reason they can think of. Don't play their game. If you're on-duty, you are on the clock.

    It isn't going to take you long to figure-out the games FedEx plays with workers. My advice is to start looking for another job...now. It will only escalate.
  3. Limper

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    After my truck broke down once, I had a manager tell me to go on lunch break until the mechanic arrives.
    And it was 9 in the morning. Don't put up with the nonsense.
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    Welcome to the Wonderful World of FedEx...you have to be on your guard constantly against these jokers. They push everything and everyone to the limit and beyond. Don't fall victim to their criminal tactics. Like MFE said, your best bet is to find something else ASAP and get the hell out. If I had only known years ago what I know now I wouldn't still be at this hell hole I can assure you.

    Get Out!
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    Work hard, meet your goals, go home early, get some guaranteed pay...ooohhh, you are in big trouble now! "You dont have enough work. Lets get some off the next rt for you!" Solution?..Slow up, dont tag along all your p2 with your p1. Do the rt twice..get 7-8 hours ...now your talking..off the radar! Crazy.
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    I would have to agree with the others. If you have 4 years or under I would urge you to explore other careers while you can. FedEx beats most hourly jobs. It's hard work but not as bad as digging a ditch. With Obama care and the state of the economy who knows what is in our future?

    Hat's off to you sir/mam, you are WORKING which is more than 40% more than the mailbox folks are doing right now....and that will only get worse.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    You gotta stop watching faux news. It's bad for your health. Mental health that is.
  8. Is this sarcasm? At best FedEx Express is a stepping stone job to something better. I had 7 years in and couldn't get out fast enough. USPS and UPS are both better career options than FedEx.
  9. Sniper

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    I agree they both have better pensions than we do, but in this area of the country there are no real "paying" jobs. I will be 50 next year so my options are limited at this point in the game. I still remember working for $3.35 an hour in 1982.... how time slips away.
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    OK, so it works for you. If you are in a rural area with no other decent job prospects I can see how FedEx would be tolerable. That said, my guess is that you are also in a rural market level, although if that is "wine country", you're close enough to a really big city to not be in a really low classification. I noted the TN plates on the F250, but that means nothing since a lot of vehicles are plated for Tennessee.
  11. Sniper

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    I work out of East Tennessee and deliver in SW Virginia, Christmas tree country. The only decent career here is Eastman and like FedEx it is not the same company it was 20 years ago.

    Top out is $22.57 at our market level here. With the exception of Eastman there is no where within 100 miles, (if not more) I could make that wage and have the seniority and vacation time I have here. I never even considered Eastman I just don't care for mixing chemicals and being stuck inside every day. I do enjoy my job because every day at FedEx is a different adventure. I'm not sitting at the same desk or control panel mixing chemicals day in and day out.

    I have never wanted to be stuck behind a desk at any of my previous jobs or this one...I enjoy what I do. Like most sometimes the BS gets aggravating but as long as FedEx signs my check I do what they ask of me.

    In a perfect FedEx world I wish our pay was closer to what UPS makes but I'm the first to say those guys work a LOT harder than I do. I have heard horror stories of how the managers talk to them. I envy their pension but they earn every nickel of it.
  12. jmeti000

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    Personally, after having seen the UPS loaded 900's they start out with around here and still have another truck waiting for them at the hub when they are done, I don't expect to be paid what they make. However, I would like to see a decent top out time...heck right now reaching top out at any time would be an improvement.
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    The same thing applies with your scheduled start time. If you are scheduled to start at 0600 and they ask you to wait to clock in or take a break because the plane is late, don't. That is not your problem.
    if you are on standby, you should be getting standby pay. Just like pilots, just like computer techs, just like anyone else in this company.
  14. DRAisawesome

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    I think most would agree if one was to be topped out, Fedex is a decent place to work. But if you have 12 years or less that really isn't a reality anymore. I'm 7ish years and still $7.50 away from topout. Not sure why Fedex hasn't implemented a pay scale. Oh wait, that would be the right thing to do. Like the old adage goes ":censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: in one hand and dream in the other, see what fills up faster"
  15. Artee

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    Look up the break policy in P&P. Its been a few years since I have seen it, but I thought it mentions something about being able to get away from your work environment to be considered a break. It seems to me a break would be taken before your pick up cycle starts. If you had a little gap between pickups take the paid 28-29 10 minute break or whatever they give now days. Work a little slower or drive a little slower to even out your time between stops, so you don't have a huge window. You are being too efficient. Slow down. Its not going to help you in the long run.
  16. frustratedEX

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    At my station there are a number of us taking 3 to 5 1/2 hour lunch breaks. Ridiculous...
  17. MrFedEx

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    That is totally ludicrous. Time to find another job.
  18. Mr. 7

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    Yeah man,
    I go to work to work, not take a 5 hr. lunch.
  19. DontThrowPackages

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    Very true. You're penalized for being too productive so they push for more. Then when things don't go as smooth as the week before, they say you're not being productive(after your numbers have been risen of course).
  20. Dirt Merchant

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    You're being taken advantage of.
    I'd drive back to the sta and sweep the building or wash trucks before taking anything more than the mandated 1 hour break.