What a metaphor! If they only knew...

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    I heard a report on the radio today saying to the effect...If a little more time and effort were put into FedEx and not spending money on other pursuits, we wouldn't have this type of horrible situation. I couldn't help but laugh loud and long!

    Does Pete Carroll work at FedEx Express in the off season?

    “It was horrible. It’s a horrible field. It’s as bad as a field can get for being dry. And it’s too bad, it’s really too bad. And we deserve better. It just was worn out."

    Read more at Pete Carroll: FedEx Field Was ‘Horrible’

    FedEx Field a hazard, not an advantage
    "If NFL commissioner Roger Goodell truly cared about player safety he would ban the Redskins from hosting games on their pumpkin patch of a field until Redskins owner Daniel Snyder makes a serious concerted effort to create a better environment for the players, considering they’re ultimately the league’s lifeblood."

    The Daily Evergreen Online - FedEx Field a hazard, not an advantage
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    Just drop the "field" part, and it's perfect. "FedEx is horrible, and worn out, and a pumpkin patch of a company". Sounds about right.
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    They say the same thing about Soldier Field in Chicago every year.


    Does that mean that Uncle Fredward is the Great Pumpkin and we're Linus waiting on him to shower us with gifts and riches because we're the most sincere employees?